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Instruments - Guitars Git-fiddle, six-string, or axe--It doesn't matter what you call 'em, they all boil down to one thing: Guitars! Check here for Tips, tricks, and overall love for this wonderful instrument. Other-Swap Shop Got something music related that you want to sell or trade? Post it here. Other-Flyin' Airplanes! There is a large percentage of Banjo Ben members that also have their wings...might as well talk about it! Sharing-Give me a Break Do you want to share breaks and licks you have come up with? Or maybe you want to seek a little help coming up with something. Inquire within. Instruments - Mandolins They may have been born in the mid-18th century, but they're far from out of style. Look around here for any variety of topics on the mandolin, from playing them to just enjoying their sound. Other-Site Feedback Have any questions, comments, or thoughts? Have you spotted a bug? Throw any and all of it here! Other-Shopping Advice Looking for somethin' to pick, or maybe something to pick with? Check out these threads to get some ideas or to ask about a product! Other-Questions about the site Have a question about memberships or the site? Ask it here and Banjo Ben or one of the other members will get back with you ASAP! Other-General Chit-Chat Any and all topics and posts that don't belong in the other forums should be posted in this little catch-all. Other-Music Theory This forum is for music theory. Got questions or answers about music theory? put em here. Sharing-NetGrass Projects Banjo Ben forum members collaborate online to make recordings. Here is where you can find their projects. Other-Laughter is the best medicine... This is a place to post funny videos, quips, or shouldn't be too serious Instruments - Accessories Picks...capos...tuners...we'll toss 'em around here. Instruments - Other Instruments So, you aren't a player of the banjo, guitar, or mandolin? There's still a place for all musicians, and it's right here! Other-Website Videos/Tabs Have a question or comment about a particular video or tab? Leave it here and let Banjo Ben and other members chime in! Other-Huntin' & Fishin' You can't have a Banjo Ben forum without a place to talk about huntin' and fishin'! If you're offended by pictures and talk of dead animals and fish, please don't visit this category! Instruments - Banjos Ain't nothin' in the world like a 5-strang banjer...learn more about playing the banjo, and mingle with other like-minded players here!
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