Love the new website!


Really like the layout of the new site.
Everything seems to be working smoothly, they did a good job!
I’m glad you’ve included the Purple Hull videos, they’re great!
By the way, I’m really enjoying the new Purple Hulls CD.


I second that for the Purple Hulls. I have it uploaded to ITunes so I can hear it on my IPod. GREAT!


Whooo hoooo…and IPad friendly!!!


like the layout of the site however I did like the opt
I could see all the videos at once on the old site
but other than that I like it a lot

and Thank You Ben for all you do to help others come to know music
and teach us the proper way as there are so many wanna be’s on line
good to know I’ve got the real deal with you

God bless to you and yours

your fan in Vermont


I think the layout now will help people decide what order to do the lessons in.


Wow, I just joined as a gold pick member a little over a month ago. I’ve been anticipating this “new site” release although the original site was new to me and packed full of great stuff! I love the re-organization of the vids and tabs! A great way to allow a new player like myself to see the skill level of lessons for my practice plans! AWESOME!!


Are all of the forum threads from the old website gone???


Gone but not forgotten!


I could help with that. I agree that we wouldn’t need everything but some of the threads had some good information in them.
Let me know the address and I’ll start looking thru them for the good ones.


You should have a launch party/concert Ben!


That would be great, my wife and I would love to meet your sisters!