Guitar Centers Martin MMV


Guitar center has a Martin made for them that is called the MMV. It is supposed to be a d-28 with out all the fancy trim. and its in the $1400 range. Has anyone play one? I am looking to upgrade to a martin from a yamaha f335. The price is right and it sounds killer too. My father plays a 1986 martin d-35 and 1967 gidson dove. Sure makes it tough on me to make my mind up.


Yes, I have played one. I suggested it to another forum member on the old site. I compared it to a HD-28 and a D-28. Of the individuals I was playing, it had the best tone, and was the loudest. The action was to my liking. The trim was plain, but I liked it. It was sitka spruce over indian rosewood. One thing I did note was that it was from the custom shop. Perhaps that could be a reason for the superior tone and volume. It also may have had scalloped braces, I didn’t think to check at the time.
I almost bought it because it was such a fine value but I literally have no need for it. At the time there was a sale and it was like $1321. The one I played was GC in Fort Worth. If you want me to check to see if that one is still available let me know.
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Thanks, I drive a truck OTR and have played a few. I have found one I like in FT Wayne,IN . I should be able to pick it up sone I hope. :smiley:


Its not quite a D-28 minus the trim. The bracing is different as in “A frame” instead of standard X and its got a M/T neck joint instead of the dovetail. Actually closer to a D-15 structually. Not that that’s a bad thing. Just different.

The Custom MMV was the first Martin I bought several years ago. I picked the best one out of the three that GC had in stock. It sounded good and I was really proud of it but it was no D-28. I sold it after a year to buy another Martin and have bought and sold quiet a few others since then before settling on the two I have now, a D-18V and a '78 HD-28.

As I stated, its a nice guitar but for $1400 I’d be looking for a used standard series D-18 or 28. Just my opinion from my own personal experience. Good luck hunting and enjoy whatever you get.


Thats what I was looking for some one who have owned one. All I could find out from GS that is was a d-28 with out all the fancy trim. Thanks for the input. I thank I will look around. JIm


Hey Jim,
If you ever get through Nashville, Gruhn ( has an interesting one. Stock number AA8592. It’s a 2006 Martin custom shop dreadnaught. It’s Adirondack over Mahogany. Listed as near mint for $1250. On paper, that sounds tough to beat for the price (if I remember correctly, an Adirondack top adds about 600 to the price of Martin custom shop guitars). For what it’s worth, I have bought guitars from them based on a description over the phone and I have not been disappointed. They have a generous return policy, but I’ve never needed it. Maybe the guitar is just not great (I think Billy or Glen will give a candid description, they have talked me out of guitars before). I would ask about the nut width and string spacing to make sure it’s nothing odd, but other than that, it sounds like a no-brainer. It may not hang around long.