Tef files on iPad


I’m new to iPad. Need some help on how to get the tef files to play on tefpad app. From Ben’s site the file opens in a new tab, all jumbled up.


does the same thing to me, not sure why but if you have a computer and you download them to computer first and then sync them to your ipad with itunes you can open them up. I will experiment a little more with the direct links in the next day or so


Hi all … gosh I like the Ipad; so light and portable with such bright graphics. I would love for these tef files to play easily on it. I’ve got the tef reader app and have been trying to figure out how to transfer and save the files to Itunes so they will sync. I can easily save the files to my hard drive, but am unable to get them over to the Itunes library. Any advice would be most helpful.

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They make a tefview version for the ipad as well that you should be able to find in the app store. Thats what i use and u can either sync the tef files via itunes or via making your ipad a wifi server via the tefview software