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Jim started a links topic in the mando area. That’s a great idea. I thought a similar generic section might be good as well, so I’ll kick it off…
Online metronome

Chord finder… ever wonder what a chord you are playing is? Here’s a site that helps with that as well as chord look ups, scales and other goodies.

Circle of fifths music theory site. Just in case you don’t have a tatoo.

Music theory site.

Bluegrass radio online: … o-s103851/

Bo Isaac’s internet bluegrass radio show every Mon & Wed 6-9 pm.

Frank Robbins site with articles and recordings of older live shows

Frank Fords stringed instrument care site.

Marguerite Pastella’s site. She is a luthier who has many nice articles on how to do what she does.

Bryan Kimsey. Luther site with some good info.

Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum, a wealth of information for Martins and guitars in general.
theunofficialmartinguitarforum.y … 7EG2Og7VWI

Stewart MacDonald: Instrument repair parts, kits and accessories. Also has some great resources on guitar setup and mainteneance. I frequently buy stuff here, and I have never been disappointed.

Luthiers Mercantile. Has kits and some items not found at stewmac.

For electric guitars, here’s a great resource for wiring diagrams from Seymour Duncan.

Home recording forum.

Instrument sellers:


Thanks Mike. A lot of good info here.


Good idea to put up the radio station. Not everyone knows that there are lots of online stations catering to obscure tastes.


Too keep the links together, if there is anything anyone wants me to add, let me know. I can copy and paste it into the original post.


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Thanks Mike for the good links.


Bo Isaac’s internet bluegrass radio show every Mon & Wed 6-9 pm.


Thanks Dave,
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Great site with a ton of old music live jams and such on it!


Thanks Dave. Added to the original post.