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Humidity control

Please please get a meter to measure the moisture do not do it boiler plate with out knowing what is and isn’t. To much moisture is as bad if not worse than not enough so be sure you know what the moisture is before you add any at all. if you have a air conditioned house more than likely the moisture will be fine what you want to avoid is dry weather and heat . Winter time a humidifier will be a savior to your instrument but get a hygrometer and check it to make sure you have enough or tio much

Yep, there’s been a lot of discussions on the forum about humidity control. Always good to be reminded. Can’t be too careful about it.

Thanks for the reminder! Thankfully, around this time of year my house hangs out right around 40% without having to do anything to alter it. Many people shoot for 45% as a median and that is probably safer. However, my guitars seem pretty happy with 40%. In the winter, it takes more active work to keep the humidity in a decent range.

Opened my guitar case to get a tuner for the mando & looks like some over-humidification…light mold spots all over…took a cloth and rubbed it all off, then set it out on it’s stand to dry for a few days.

On the good side, the top flattened back out…


Glad it seems to be sorting itself out,

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