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Your guitar; show & tell

It’s always fun to see the guitars we play; here is my current guitar. Love to see a pic of yours and the stories you might tell about it.

The story on my guitar is that its little, but has a nice clear voice. It’s also homemade and ready for Ben’s next lesson…

little std


Whoa! Cool! I’m about to start selling some little mandolin kits to build at home…I bet you would love one.

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Sweet! I think you 'bout got the hook set!!

Funny you say that…the brand of the mandolin is Hook mandolins. It’s called a mini-hook :wink:

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Oh man, she’s a beauty! Nice job on that binding! Are those classical tuners?

Thanks, Mark. The tuners are the Golden Age Restoration brass slothead tuners from Stewmac. They have a nice vintage look and work great. The binding looks whiter in the photo than in person. They come from Martin and are vintage ivoroid style, a perfect look for this guitar.

I’ll say! You did a fine job top to bottom. Definitely something to be proud of.

That’s cool, when do you think you’ll get them? Are these the mandolins that you posted a video on facebook a while back or something different?

Sometime later this fall, hopefully. I just got one kit in so far.

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My ‘75 D-28. Bought as it is from original owner…nothing super special, but been worked on a bit: neck reset, bridge plate shaved, new bridge, saddle & nut. Plays more in tune than any 28 I’ve played before. The sides and back aren’t Indian…not sure where it’s from…only other one I’ve seen like this came through Ron Stuarts’ shop a few years ago, and he didn’t know either.


Nice guitar Danl1!

Fiddlewood… interesting back. Whatever it is, I like it.

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Here’s a review I did for the old site to show and tell a kind of different guitar. I do a comparison with my OM18, but if you want to jump straight to the “unique” things, go to about 8:10 in the video.


Man, that guitar sounds sweet over my little iPhone speakers!

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Thanks Mark! If I ever go on tour with it, can I borrow your little iPhone speakers to use as an amp?


Mike I gotta ask. How did you quote Marks post. I’m struggling to figure this out.:star_struck:

Use the toolbar where you see bold and such and use the chat bubble icon. If you don’t see toolbar. Click the 3 lines icon upper right

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If you highlight some text in the post you want to quote, a little gray box appears that says “Quote.” Click that gray box and it opens a relpy window with the quoted text in it.


Like this ? Yep that’s it!


You got it! And you can highlight as much or as little text as you want. Doesn’t have to be an entire post.

My favorite feature…no having to quote the whole things and go back and erase the irrelevant stuff…:sunglasses:

Let’s see some more guitars!

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