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Wouldn’t it be cool

… to have a Student Hall where each student could take a single picture (limit 1 per Student in a specific section of the site) of themselves with their instrument… or instruments… to have on display? This picture would NOT be their Avatar… but linked to their account as Student Hall Picture.

Think of it as a way to put a face to a name… and preview everyone on the site - at a glance. The list can sort by nick (@WillCoop) or real name… with a “private” button if real names are to be masked.

Also, a default “generic” pic could be used if it is known which is each student’s primary instrument: 1) Guitar 2) Mandolin 3) Banjo.

Then, the Generic image gets replaced by uploading the new picture when the Student is ready - if ever.

I got the idea from @Danl1 post: Show & Tell: YOUR Instrument

Perhaps too difficult but I thought it would be AWESOME to see.

I think it would be really cool, but my developer has some bigger fish to fry at the moment. Great idea!


It would be fantastic if he’d get the iPhone issues fixed so the menu bar is always there and not covering things you can click on when it is there. Are those issues floating up toward the top of the list yet?

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Mark, please text/email me a screenshot with short description. Thanks!