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What non-Bluegrass/Country Music you play

Since my banjo hand is crapped out I have went back to the acoustic guitar some. On it my main music really isn’t bluegrass. Its like Americana/Folk wanna be/or coffee shop/singer songwriter like music. So I thought I’d ask what do you all like outside of what you’d learn here on Banjo Bens site?

If I’m picking the acoustic up I’ll likely play some kind of Iron and Wine or Avett Brothers. With a mixture of others songs that play well alone.

What about you all?

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Blues, soul, western swing, dawg, trad. country…
just to name a few favorites:
Lonnie Mack
Johnny Winter
Benny Goodman
Albert Collins
Manhattan Transfer
David Grisman
Glen Duncan

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I like pretty much all kinds of music Classical, Military Marching Bands Sousa especially King Cotton, Semper Fidelis, Big Band Sound Glen Millar, Dixieland, Jazz, 1920s Music, Skiffle, Rock n Rock Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, blues, comedy songs, folk music, country.

Don’t like Punk or Rap

I should add I don’t play any of this music

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I play pretty much whatever folks pay me to play. However, when I get to choose I enjoy James Taylor, Nickel Creek, old swing tunes, fiddle tunes, Beatles, and any fun acoustic tune that I can wrap my hands and voice around.

Now if you are talking about electric guitar, that is another story altogether. :wink:


That is really good!


One of my favourite Simon & Garfunkel songs. Beautifully sung. :heart:

For current non-Bluegrass playing, I like Mississippi/Delta/Country blues, Neil Young, G Welch/D Rawlings, J Taylor and Norman Blake stuff; Great Western Dance by Brashear & McLaughlin, Dreary Black Hills as done by Jim Ringer; and I’m working on the Surfer Girl cover by Bill Frisell and Bert Jansch’s cover of Jackson C Frank’s Blues Run the Game. For some of these, I try to apply Ben’s teaching on building breaks, etc. When I’m still in a non-Bluegrass mood, I practice BWV 998 by JSB.

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Good question,

I’ve wondered what other folks here on the site play besides the usual bluegrass stuff myself. Taking it even further, I wonder what some of the pros play outside of what we hear from them. Like… has anyone ever heard or seen Tony Rice play anything other than a dreadnought acoustic guitar? With that kind of talent, what could he do with an electric guitar, or a mandolin, banjo or any other instrument?

I primarily flat pick acoustic bluegrass guitar, but I also have a Gretsch hollowbody electric that I run through a Fender Blues Jr. tube amp with a nice delay pedal. With that setup, I love to play Rockabilly. (Brian Setzer style). I go for a cleaner tone (less overdrive). Nothing else sounds like a Gretsch played through a clean tube amp with a little bit of slapback delay!

Anyway, I’m assuming this is what you were looking for with your question.



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Keep em comin! Is this you r wife and son?

Look at Mumford and Sons.

Yep, that is my wife and son about a year or so ago. We still play gigs together as much as possible (though we all work full time at separate jobs). I’m hoping we get a few jobs playing out together this summer.
Speaking of summer, here comes the sun…


Fantastic version of the Boxer. What a CLASSIC SONG - I only wish I could contribute to an ensemble like that. GREAT JOB!

Beautiful family…You’re blessed. Great segue into the video. :+1:

Love playing acoustic crowd pleasers… Zac Brown, Jimmy Buffet, etc… Also play a ton of old timey stuff like from Norman Blake for example.

Beyond that - I was a metal head in the 80’s…a great time to grow up! I have an old early 80’s Charvel, an 88’ BC Rich and a Mesa Boogie Mark IIc that I love to rock out on. Also have a Strat and Fender Blues Deluxe I like to play some SRV, Buddy Guy and the like…


Growing up I would always try to play Skynyrd, ZZ Top, SRV, Hendrix, David Allen Coe, Hank Jr, etc. I still love blues electric and acoustic guitar.

This is one that I really like. Too bad I can not play either part yet.

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Dan Walsh & John Dowling from the UK. I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Dan playing a few years back at the Edinburgh Banjo Club.


Brilliant. I really like his claw hammer style more than most. This is the best combination of three finger and claw hammer that I have heard. It seems the two do not go together easily but John and Dan really made this fantastic especially un-accompanied by any other instruments. Congrats on meeting Dan. Do you have any of his albums?

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Hi Cliff

No I don’t buy many albums these days.

Dan is a phenomenal clawhammer banjoist check out his website

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The guy on the right is “in the zone”. Bigtime!