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What capo

For those who play guitar what capo do you use and what are your likes and dislikes about it. I’m a beginner but don’t like to buy cheap (junk) toys.LOL… I have already jumped off the bridge when it comes to picks. Wegen bluegrass and Blue chip tad 40. Time to buy a good capo.

well the best is a Elliot Capo —>

they don’t come cheep but I have to say very nice I don’t own one however a friend has one and I was lucky to try it at a jam

the one I like is a Paige Capo -->
I have both the click Paige and there regular capo I would not recommend the click as it has a tendency to slip they will tell you they had a defective batch but I sent for a replacement and it had the same problems on a plus side they were very, very fast in the sending of one to replace my broken one and they have a lifetime warranty

the nice thing about both capos are they have Controllable tension, and can be stored behind the nut on the neck

hope it helps and keep a picking

paul :wink:

I can testify to the G7th capo. Using Ben’s advice, I bought one for my banjo and was amazed how nice it is. Always keeps in tune after use and very easy to use. A bit pricey but definitely worth it. Two thumbs up!

I think i will look into the G7th newport. Thanks for the advice guys.

I just ordered a G7 off amazon. my main concern is the possibility of a Keiser making an impression in the back of the neck. i have heard of the happening and suspect its the cause of a small indention in my collings at about the 2nd fret.

Back before I owned a capo, I used to use one of these:

At least it gave me a feel for what it was like to play with a capo.

But now I just use a Shubb capo.

— Begin quote from "Paul"

I have both the click Paige and there regular capo I would not recommend the click as it has a tendency to slip

— End quote

I had the same problem, Paul. My Paige Clik capo slipped a couple of times the first week I had it, and I just figured I had overtightened it, but by the third week it was popping loose while I was in the middle of playing, and now (5th week), it won’t tighten at all. Had to send it back to Elderly today.

Looks like it’s back to the Kyser for now, and just when I was getting used to the slim profile of the Paige.

For what it’s worth, I have been quite happy with my Shubbs as compared to other relatively inexpensive capos. It works well and has a fairly non-instrusive profile. You can tweak the tension which is nice as there is little need to re-tune. You can get a replacement sleeve if you wore it out, but I don’t think you’ll need it. I got a replacement sleeve about 6 years ago and it’s still sitting in the packaging. You can also do what I call drop E tuning… I capo 2 except the low E allowing one to play D shape progressions for a song in E. Be careful doing that and make sure you don’t damage your neck. It’s not really made to do that, but I haven’t left any marks yet.

I am saving up to by an Irwin quick grip or an Elliot.

I’ve been using a glider for a while now - great for key changes on the move.
Any opinion on these Ben?

I replaced my defective Paige Clik capo with the standard Paige capo. What an improvement. The standard capo has smoother, finer threading and just seems better made. And, not having it pop loose in the middle of playing is a big positive, too.

As one of the original designers of the Paige (I use to live with Brian Paige when he was coming up with the idea of building one, and had lots of input in the beginning stages/drawings) I’m a bit ashamed to say I use either a Shubb or G7 at this time.

I like them both about the same.

Seems like they needed to consult with you on the Paige Clik capo, too, Dave. It’s a worthless design, in my opinion.

Never saw one. I believe the production and marketing are all done by one of the other big companies now.

The click feature just seemed like a gimmick to me once I had the capo. I didn’t even use it, but it was what was causing the thing to slip. It also didn’t fit the the neck of my guitar as well as the regular Paige does.

sounds like typical big box re-invention…

I see many capo’s out there but it has to boil down to one thing and that is what works for you the best. I have used the quick grip capos and the Paige and the G7th I recommend the G7th highly but make sure you do not get the one that cost 27.95 it is light and will not do the job for a guitar but would work for a banjo very well/ I tend to use a Paige because it is simple and can not move, it has a positive lock on the fret board . I have not tried the click type Paige so I will avoid that one from the statements made about them here . It boils down to personal preference and what works best for the individual . Sometimes we spend money that is hard earned to gain experience .

I have several different capos but tend to use the standard Paige most of the time. It works great and is soooo convenient. Just loosen it up and slide it over the nut when not needed. No more " …now where did I put that **** capo!"

I own a g7th and a cheapy Spring type capo (not sure the brand). I will admit that the g7th is a good capo but to be honest, the problem I have with this capo is ease of use. I play Guitar in Church and I cannot play with my g7th because it simply takes too long to unspring it and move it around, when I have 15 seconds between songs, I can’t tell all of the other musicians “wait just a minute while I unclamp this thing and move it”. Perhaps if I practice more with the capo I can get a bit faster at “the drawl” :slight_smile: but…, I guess it depends on what your using it for. If it’s in small groups or around the house, it’s a great Capo, if you’re in public and need to move your capo around quickly, it’s not the fastest one out there to use.

Overall, for the price, I probably wouldn’t buy another one. I just don’t feel like I get my money out of it. I have also heard of even better capo’s that sell for $150. I don’t know what its made out of for $150 but better be worth it.

The high dollar capos you have heard of may likely be Elliots. They are handmade. I don’t own one, but I have never heard a negative comment from an owner except for a complaint about it in use with guitars that have a volute (that diamond bump on a Martin 28 style neck). Since then, I have talked to others that use them with a volute and they don’t have any issues. Elliot owners seem to be big proponents of them (including Ben). I got close to buying one, but I tend to play different guitars quite a bit and my shubbs seems to work well for me, and takes very little time to move to a different guitar.

As I live in Ireland, I found it difficult to get an Elliot capo…I did eventually but it wasnt easy …and up to then I was using a Paige click capo and yes it does slip…and at the worse time as well…I used Schubb for quite a while too and found them good…if a bit fiddly, but cheap and good quality and easy to get…I still have a few which I keep in my guitar cases as spares. But strangely…I do not like the G7th capo at all…I find them too clunky and heavy and I hate the look of them…I have two but rarely if ever use them…I now use the Elliot on my Martin D16 and I keep the Paige on muy Bourgeois Slope D.
That is just my opinion guys…I love the site and the forum…
Vinny Baker