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Value tuners

Here’s an odd post… instead of posting a question, I’ll post an answer. In the old forum there was discussion about tuners and which was a good value. I read enough positive stuff about the Snarks that I got one, even though I already had a few tuners. I got mine for $11 on amazon while ordering some odd strings not available locally (baritone ukulele). I needed something to up the price enough to get free shipping, so why not? The tuner I got is an SN-2, the red one. The reviews were spot on. The tuner is much more stable than others I have. It doesn’t get confused by overtones like some of my others (e.g. when tuning a low E, my korg often thinks it is a B). I think the algorithm has an especially effective buffering built in. When other tuners seem to waver on the tuning as the string oscillates, this one is rock solid.
If anyone wants a great tuner for very little money, I heartily suggest the Snark.

Any of you guys use tuner apps for smartphones? I’m using epic tune for my iPhone, maybe I haven’t been playing long enough to know what I’m missing out on but it seems to work fine for me so far…

I don’t use one regularly, but I have used one on an iPhone that worked great in a quiet environment. The nice thing about the clip on tuners is that they work in a noisy environment. If something works for you, then I don’t think you are missing out on anything.

I also have the Snark and it works great. It even has a built in metronome.

I really never thought about a tuner, as my guitar came tuned from the factory. But I see a lot of guys with the clip on ones.

You must gotten a fancy one to get it pre-tuned. That’s awesome. :smiley:
About a year ago, I read an article where someone had come up with a self tuning guitar. I think it was just a proof of concept. If I remember correctly, it used lasers to detect the frequency. I thought that would be great… I’ll just hang 6 servo motors and a car battery off the headstock of my guitar… what could go wrong?

This isn’t the one I saw, but it’s what I found with Dr. Google:

You know, come to think of it, when I bought my truck, the thing had oil in it soooo…

I don’t know what you guys are talking about. My strings always come pre-tuned. It says so right on the package. Two of 'em are tuned to E, and one each tuned to A,D,G and B. You guys must be buying the wrong strings.

Cool! I guess I’d need to order different strings for alternate tunings?

Well, since you brought up the self or auto matic tuner, it is a real item. It is located at the bridge. Some guy named Fred King made it.
Nothing I would entertain getting but it is like everything else, if you can think of it, there is one.

That’s pretty amazing! Of course the drawback is that someone who starts off with one of these won’t be very good at tuning their own guitar. It’s like in school where everyone is using calculators to learn math. What if you’re without one? Don’t get me wrong I think it’s unbelievable technology but, it should be a tool, and not relied on 100%.

I have a Snark as well and like it. It has its work cut out for it on my clunker of a banjo but it does the trick nicely and was only like $12 or so.

Regarding the app tuners, I have one called “g-strings” (just make sure the wife knows it’s a tuner!)but rarely use it now that I have the Snark.

The new Snark, the black one, is not as good as the red SN-2. It has a courser scale, so even though the green line is lit, you could be 5 or ten cents off. The Red is much more accurate.

I have both red and black snarks tuners. I have to say I like the black ones much better. the new black model reacts faster to the note and it is steadier than the red model, and is easier to see in different lighting situations.

Gibson has self-tuning guitars – you can get it on some of the electric guitars. Somehow, it turns the tuning knobs and keeps your guitar in tune. It’s used mainly by pros on stage when they need to tune up or down a bit to accomodate a singer.

I usually don’t chime in… Ha ha ha… I just bought the SN-8. 14.99 at sweet water and free shipping. My last clip on cost 50.00 and I have not picked it up since the snark arrived two months ago. Snark may be wishing they would have marketed these tuners a little differently. Great tuner! Buyer’s Dream!

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My last clip on cost 50.00 and I have not picked it up since the snark arrived two months ago.

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That’s very similar to my experience. What a buy.

yup, I was going to buy one tuner, when I saw they were only $11 I bought three.

Anybody else tried the Peterson Stroboclip tuners? Ben’s first post in this thread doesn’t sound like a very good endorsement…LOL. Somebody talk me out of spending $70 bucks on a tuner!

Been looking at the peterson stroboclip clip on tuner ( ). Anyone have any experience with these tuners, if so, are they worth the price.