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If I shouldn’t post my little doings here just let me know and I’ll stop. Don’t mean to be bothersome.

Just another little something that came to me after getting my acoustic but if I could play a cello or fiddle I’d try and work up a violinish sounding something. Certainly not something complex or toe tapping good but pretty much as title says.


Hi Charlie, I can’t speak for others but I welcome the opportunity to watch your video’s. The whole purpose of the Video Swap is for students to share their accomplishments, seek constructive criticism and encouragement from our teacher and our peers .

I agree with Archie! Very nice! I’m kind of gobsmacked by how far back you’re ring finger bends at the first joint :exploding_head::scream:

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Beautiful little tune! Thanks for sharing. I agree with @Archie.

Thanks guys. I’m always recording stuff just to help me remember structures. I almost posted some more melody type instrumentals I’ve been working on, all ballads but didn’t know that they’d be appropriate for a more traditional gathering place. And I do love bluegrass also.

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I enjoyed it. I’m with Gunnar on the ring finger flexibility thing. Just, wow!

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Loved it!

Ha, just a Bbminor and a G#minor or as the jazzbo’s do is to never use two of the same notes (octave notes) in a chord…works great in jazz voicings but not in country and bluegrass where duplicate (octave) notes gives it that flavor it needs.

I like using the barred minor a lot with just the middle finger on the root note on 6th string, mute the fifth string and bar the 2nd, 3rd and 4th with ring finger. So an Am on 5th fret would be … 5x555x a nice moveable minor


Hi @Mark_Rocka & @Dragonslayer Checkout Eddie Adcock. He too could bend back that knuckle and used it to play hammer-ons on the banjo. He talks about it in some detail on his Homespun instructional video.

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That is simply beautiful Charlie,

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That’s really pretty! I use the same chord shape a lot, but my ring finger doesn’t bend that far

My ring finger knuckle doesn’t bend backwards at all. I had to learn to play barre chords like Bb on guitar with my pinky. So I’m just a tad envious. :slight_smile:

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Amen to @Archie 's comments! Nicely done.

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Glad yalls like it


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That’s awesome! Love the tune! Sad and sweet yet interesting. What key (if any :smile:)?

ha I have no idea, it’d take someone with more theory understanding than me. I’m capo’s in 2nd fret and I don’t do tab but maybe this would be right from 6th string down…
0 4 6 3 0 0 …0’s being open

EASY PART: I believe a capo on the second fret of a guitar is (in general terms) pushing from the natural home of an E - up to F#.

NOT-SO-EASY PART: That said, the fingerings could be altering this in the same way that playing open position on guitar is naturally suited to other keys: G and C and maybe even “D”.

DON’T OVERLOOK THE MINOR! POSSIBILITY: Of course these are major key markings… and the minor equivalents could also affect if the key root is minor.

I would have to really study the fingerings and chord progression more closely… but am confident that some of our more accomplished guitarist-forum members would do this much more effectively.

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Nothin’ like a little MUSIC THEORY talk to start the day out right!

What gets better than that!?

:+1: Looks and sounds right to me. Played in E, capo takes it to F#.