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I’ve got a capo chart that is pretty basic but a life-saver that I use all the time. If any of y’all are interested, PM me and I can try to get you a copy. No promises as I am not quite sure if our printer’s scanner will work.

Just knowing your notes on the E & A strings up to 12th fret on acoustic will get you by for most genres regardless of capo. Capo 2nd fret a C shape chord become a D if that’s your root note, G shape becomes an A so forth and so on as you move capo from fret to fret…on the tune I play it without capo at times but because of the decending part being so high 2nd fret capo is about as high as I can go

Still, it’s always good to check, especially since I don’t get it right half of the time! :roll_eyes: Here is the link so y’all don’t have to PM me for nothin’.

Capo Chartt.pdf (525.3 KB)

Sorry about the scanning, I tried about 5 times and it still came out crooked.:thinking:

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Yup, I agree… 2 frets up in capo position is one WHOLE STEP added to any chord. C becomes a D, G becomes an A., Etc…

I love it! Thanks for posting!