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Pick Grip

As part of my endless quest to improve my pick grip, I ordered up some of this Pro-Grip nonslip rosin from Elderly. The stuff is kind of weird. I expected it might be like pine tar, but it actually doesn’t feel tacky at all when first applied, then gets pretty sticky in a few minutes, and slowly dissipates over time.

I like it because a can use a really light grip, now, without fearing the pick will slip. I think it will probably improve my dynamics, but I’m concerned that, as I play, some of it might get transferred to the strings and deaden them prematurely. Anybody else have experience with this stuff or with Gorilla Snot?

I’ve never tried it, but keep us informed about how it does for you.

I thought you might be the one with some knowledge about this stuff, Jim. It looks like it gets marketed to drummers. So far I’m really liking the stuff. I’ve learned to be a little judicous about the application (just takes a little) and it works really great now.

I’ve used a bit of fiddle rosen before is all…worked great.

I was going to try some fiddle rosin when I saw the Pro-Grip. Looks like bowlers use it, too.

I shaved a bit off a cake w/knife and would rub it between my finger & thumb. that way the “sticky” is only where your fingers are.

My concerns about getting the stuff on my strings are greatly diminished now that I figured out how little it takes to get it to work. Just a touch on the edge of my index finger is all it takes.

Have you tried the Blue Chip Pick? While it’s very glassy on the strings, it’s tacky without being sticky on the fingers. I don’t find myself re-gripping while I’m playing either. They’re pricey, but I would have no problem buying another one if I lost mine. Anyways, it’s another option to look into…and less snotty.

I have not yet tried the Blue Chip. I think I’d want the teardrop shape of the TD100 which is, of course, $75. I know it probably makes me sound like a crotchety old man, but it really rubs me the wrong way to pay that much for a tiny piece of plastic. I could buy black market tortoise shell for less. I’d at least like to try someone else’s Blue Chip before buying my own, but I haven’t come across one yet.

I am with you Larry. I recently switched from a Dunlop Ultex 1.0 to a Wegen Bluegrass and I love everything about the wegen except the shape. I find myself wishing for the more teardrop shape of the Ultex and that slightly sharper point of it, I feel like I miss my bass strings on my bass strums when playing rhythm because of it. But like you I hate to pay that kinda money.

Maybe someday I will after I have upgraded to a D28 and can pla many many songs I will indulge in one but right now I just don’t think I am worthy of such an expensive piece of plastic :wink:

Hey Larry,
Thanks for the review. I am a bowler, but I generally don’t use rosin… my thinking is that it is another variable to keep up with. My concern with the pro-grip would be that I would become dependent on it and then when I left it at home I would be throwing picks like a hair band lead guitarist dispensing picks to the girls in the front row. As you spend more time with it, if using the stuff seems like a keeper (or not), please let us know.

I finally lost the pick I had drilled out, and I’m back to my slippery grip again, but I think it has more to do with the fact that I had worn down the point on the old pick than with the extra holes. With wear, the pick had become more symmetrical, and didn’t spin around as much.

I think I’m going to drill holes and grind the point on a new pick. Don’t know if I can get the bevels right though.

You are doing some serious wear on those picks :slight_smile: I played the crap out of a Wegen for months and all I did was get the edges a little dinged.

As far as shaping and polishing the bevel, you could use power equipment like a belt sander for the initial passes to shape the bevel (just roll the edge). Of course you can do it by hand as well, it will just take a bit longer. For polishing it out, I love using little nail files you can get in the cosmetics section of stores. Here’s a link to a review of the most recent one I purchased:

I used that same Wegan for about a year, so it was definitely showing some wear. I think I lost it here in the house so it may yet turn up.

I just re-drilled a new pick, but haven’t tried reshaping it yet.

If you drill them often enough, we could make you a miniature pick-drilling jig. That’s a pretty specialized tool. I think someone on here was a toolmaker. Maybe we could even get it made out of a chunk of aluminum.

A jig would come in handy. Since I knew the pick wasn’t likely to break from drilling, I didn’t even bother laying out the holes before I drilled this time. I just free handed it. Doesn’t look as pretty, but works just as well.


If anyone asks about the spacing, you can always say that the specific layout was chosen based on a study you had done to determine the pressure points in your grip. Maybe throw in a fancy sounding instrument that was used like a real time spectral analysis sphygmomanometer. It might be fun to see if anyone would buy it.

Then again, you’d probably just get weird looks like I do. :ugeek:

Oh, I bet we could sell a custom fitted, spectrally analyzed pick for $100 or more. We’ll break through the triple digit price point - especially if we offer extended warranty coverage.

…and throw in some blue tack to stick it on your guitar so you don’t lose it, gotta make it a 3 digit bargain (whoops, sorry Larry :laughing: )
BTW have a look at Blue Chip thread, my comments to Mike. They think I’m crazy here, but I’m loving mine, worth the bucks.
Maybe you blokes in the US can buy one between you and mail it around on a share basis to try it out. Mine is a TD 40, plenty thick enough for me for mando, but they offer the deal that if you don’t like it you can exchange for a different one. That seems like a solid guarantee to me.

I could have used a Larry mod pick yesterday along with some pick grip and maybe some velcro. I was playing at church and I normally just use a particular Wegen 1.2 that stays with the guitar I take for those types of things (that guitar is an acoustic electric, which is easier for the PA there). I didn’t have any problems in practice, but when we played for the service, my pick was spinning pretty good. I had to adjust it 3 or 4 times in the first song. I think part of the problem was there was a fair amount of standing there before we started. I think my fingers must have gotten sweaty sitting in the lights waiting for it to start.
I think next time I’ll put the pick back in my strings to rest while I am waiting. I might put some more holes in it as well.