Offline Video Storage


When we download a lesson to view later while offline, where does that get stored?


It stores in your browser’s cache file. I got word from Stephen yesterday that they’re about to make some changes to help this functionality.


how does one access the lesson once its downloaded? I see where I can clear the cache but that would clear the lesson right?


Once it’s working correctly, I think you browse back to the lesson page and it should be available even though you’re not online.


Glad to see that ya’ll are improving the ability to retrieve stored lessons offline. About to go camping and would be great to practice out in the woods. Eb


ALL: please watch this video to see the process:

Downloading lesson for offline use
Downloading lesson for offline use

“The new one takes the place of the old one.”

So just to confirm: We can only cache one video lesson at a time, correct?


That’s correct, thanks!


Thank you Ben. These "How to video’s " really helps us get the most from the site.


hi Ben, I followed your instructions but I can not see the videos offline, I use chrome, the computer is a mac, and the browser is updated. during the trial period, everything worked fine.
what’s wrong??
thank you, great job !!


I’m sorry! I just checked and it’s not working for me either. I’ve notified my developer and thank you for your patience!


Thank you!


I can’t get the download feature to work, I’m using Chrome browser


Hey Billy,

Please send me an email and let me know where you’re experiencing the error and what it’s doing, exactly. Thanks! Send to


I emailed a couple of screenshots


Yep, I replied back to you and copied my web guy…hopefully get some answers soon. Thank you!