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Netgrass Original & Exclusive Song?

All you fellas are a lot better musicans than I am, and a lot smarter. So I was thinking that instead of putting our spin on a known tune that we outta’ put our heads together and do an original…I mean why not? Plus we get the added benefit of keeping something active and folks posting when we have a project…so it’s like a “win-win”

With that said, I cam up with a SLOOOOWWWW melody today and some lyrics for a verse. No bridge yet nor any other lyrics, figured it was enough to get us started with additional lyrics and ideas that come from all of us.

So listen and let me know what you think or if you are interested in adding something…let’s make a Netgrass Original Hit! If we get some interest I will re-do this, add click tracks and such and get a better recording to work from as a base.

(Lyrics that I sing in song…I can not sing, this is in G … so my vocals are off):

What will we see when we go unto Heaven
What will be waiting inside
Will there be mountains and trees
and stars to gaze on at night

(old)Hats off to ya:Awesome suggestion and start!

IIm up for trying to find some time to pitch in. just very pressured trying to learn stuff for the band I just started in right now. just learned 20 songs for a gospel show in 2 weeks, now have 40 others to get nailed down plus 14 for a recording.

I’ve had my banjo in my lap or on the strap most waking hours lately. Sure am learning a lot though :smiley:

I love it!

I’m in to help however I can.

BTW, Fiddlewood, I am happy to hear you have so much going on. That’s fantastic.

The melody came from me noticing how nice the D18 sounded in using double stops and open strings. I was working on “Linus & Lucy” and noticed how nice the guitar sounded/rings like a bell when I used open strings as drones and such and decided to play with the sound some…then out popped the little melody in about 10 minutes and some lyrics popped into my head in about 30 seconds so I decided to record it real quick.

From there I figured I’d post it and see if you guys wanted to add to it and make a song from it…figured it might spur some creativity around here.

Good to see you fiddle. I’ve been spending a lot of time alone with my guitar also over the past two months or so…not with a band or anything, just alone having nice long talks with it and practicing.

Mike toss in whatever you want, any ideas are welcome…this would be “our” project vs mine and where ever it goes is fine with me.


need me to open a project on Kompose?

You might as well Fiddle. I was a premium member at one point then decided to drop it once Kompoz went “main stream”.


Sent out several invites to the regular bunch so check your messages if interested.

Received, gracias!

That’s a nice kernel to start with, oldhat.

I got your Kompoz invite, fiddlewood. Thanks for keeping me informed. Have you played any gigs with the new band yet, or are you still in practice mode?

This is a great idea Oldhat. Nice job! I got Fiddlewood’s invitation on Kompoz (thanks Dave), and I’m in if it’s ok with you. Like Mike, I’ll help any way I can. When it’s finished, I just may use it in church for special music some Sunday.


I posted on Kompoz my thoughts a bit, but I will kind of breeze over them again.

This is just and idea and a melody. From here it takes all of us to come up with the parts, so it’s a blank slate outside of the melody. Lyrics can “go” or stay", they popped into my head in about 30 seconds is the only reason they are in there.

So if someone has an idea of the progression for the “B” part then toss it out there…a minor chord may sound good in the other part (traditional grass/fiddle tunes have an A&B part) or the chorus…is this the chorus or a verse?

We could use this melody and progression to lead into a “stand up and dance” soulful song that is 240bpm and only use what I came up with as the “intro”…again it can go anywhere. Don’t like the melody and want to tweek it, well then have at it!

My ideas behind the lyrics I came up with and random thoughts of what I hear:

I hear a question with the lyrics…do we need and answer or do we keep asking questions?

Another idea is that those “Mountains, hills, and trees and stars” are things that are pretty 'Heaven like" here on earth and I’d like to think that they’ll be even better once we leave here and go on.

What things on earth would you really want to take to heaven with you…look around, maybe it’s a stream you enjoy, maybe it’s the ocean, maybe it’s a covered bridge that you really like. Me, I look at the hills, the trees, the stars and think “man that’s a little slice of heaven there”.

Now Larry lives down in Florida, maybe he thinks those big “skeeters” or a gator is a beautiful thing…all of us will see things in a different light.

The song and who I hear singing/performing it:

If I had to pick a singer I’d go with Levon Helm…that gritty “real voice” singing out.

Now who is asking these questions? I can see a man on his death bed asking these. I can see a soldier during the civil war asking these questions right when he is heading into a battle. I can see an aerial camera showing a civil war battle scene from overhead, maybe 300 guys on each side marching full force into gun fire in a formation and while the songs playing you see each one that has fallen in battle go down.

The melody is simple, I can hear a fiddle doing something as about as sad as Ashokan Farewell as a part.
I can hear a banjo lightly playing but nothing fancy, just accompanying with fills and light rhythm.

But then again we could come to a part and kick this sucker up to 240 bpm and go in a different direction and only use the the melody for an intro. Maybe this thing turns into something that is purely and instrumental like an old fiddle tune.

Just some ideas of what I hear and see and I am sure you guys hear and see something different…so let’s see where we can take it.

Oh and for all the “lurkers” out there…join us, this by no means is locked into just the guys that have been doing these types of projects…it’s for everyone on this this site to chip in and be a part of…so if you’ve got some ideas, be it lyrics, vocals, etc then post them up and join us.

To echo Jesse:
This is meant for anyone on this site so by all means join in if you want!

This looks like a very interesting project.
I’m impressed Jesse for your being prepared to throw the whole thing open to ideas from others. I will think about where it could go but personally I have difficulty in writing songs about anything serious - no problems performing such songs written by others, just can’t seem to write them. :cry:

Hello to everyone. First of all thanks old hat for inviting others to join. There are times when I feel like the site is a little too clicky and your willingness to say “jump in if you want to” demonstrates a big heart. With that said, I only want to throw one suggestion out there (maybe two) and then step back again. First idea is to speed the song up a little. This needs to be within your liking and approval. Second is for second verse lyrics to say what will we hear and perhaps last verse to say what will we feel. Feeling is such a strong sense and emotion it could cover anything. Your song has touched my heart and I felt led to throw this at you. Please no bold capital letter screaming at me if I offended anyone. Lol

God Bless

John, I really like the thoughts for the verse contents. That’s a great structure.

I wasn’t sure about the direction I was going with it, but I have a (totally predictable) chord progression and melody in my head for a candidate chorus… I don’t have the first half lyrics (or a set that I like), but for the last half the lyrics I have are (again totally predictable, I’m kind of predictable) something like: “but I know for sure, I will worship the Lord with my loved ones who’ve gone on before.” It may not be the direction that Jesse or the group wants to go with it, but I thought answering the uncertainties about what we will see with what we do expect to see in the chorus was a decent way to go.


Thanks for the thoughts and the thoughtful post. I like you idea(s). ON participation:

Music is so inspirational, I think that whether we play lead, write a song, strum rhythm or sing a song that it has to be “all in with emotions”. Now with that said, who cares if one can not sing, play lead or gets off on the rhythm…as long as they are inspired you can not fault anyone.

The melody when I got it was a bit different. I come up with different melodies all the time, however none ever inspire me enough to grab the mic and do a quick recording. I just knew I would forget it, so I wanted to record it really quick. With this one there was something “different”, I could just hear so many possibilities in anyone being able to take it and run with it, so I figured I would share…it’s simple, anyone should be able to come up with some ideas in this.

I will agree also that we could kick this up a bit. I’ve probably listened to the track 20 times now, and about the 3rd or 4th time I thought that it should be just a little bit bumped up in tempo, slightly.

Again, this is just and idea with this melody. I simply thought to myself "those guys on the forums are some pretty dedicated folks and if we tossed all the potential together with their smarts then we should be able to really make something out of nothing no matter what ideas come out.

About “cliquish”. I think that you would not find a better group of guys, I think for the most part I’d open up my home to any of the folks I have met on here, seem like a good group of guys. The only person I have ever met on here is Ben but it’s like I know most of the guys here and we tend to post a lot more, so I can’t say I fell it’s “cliquish” but instead we have known each other for…what 3 years now and just tend to post a bit more…kind of trying in a sense to “keeping some activity on the forums”. As if we “regulars” did not post there wouldn’t be much traffic in the forums, so we all try and make an effort in a sense to help Ben out by posting and adding another benefit to the site and the more participation we get the better off we all are in our music ventures…we all are in training and if something can help another learn then I am all for posting it or tossing up an idea or opinion.

I’m long winded!

Mike, I like your ideas. If you come up with a “B” part or want to change anything, then toss up your idea and let’s run with it. That is what it is about. Again, I can not stress enough that this is not “my song”, it’s something that is only complete when we get enough guys to toss in ideas, and then it becomes “ours”.

Well enough with the “zen philosophy”, let’s hear some ideas and maybe a recording on where we should take this thing…how about a rhythm track from someone?

I apologize for the fopaux of cliquish. haha I agree it is a great group of guys and your explanation of why it seems that way is appreciated. Have fun with your song and the project!