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Netgrass Original & Exclusive Song?

No apology necessary, John. If you felt we were being cliquish, others probably feel the same way.

Oldhat did an excellent job of describing how I feel about the folks here on the forum, but now that you point it out, I can see how the familiarity and friendship a lot of us long time members share could be perceived as being exclusionary. I imagine that is especially the case here in the netgrass section of the forum where we usually end up with a lot of repeat participants.

So I’ll reiterate what others have already said. Our recording projects are open to everyone and it’s always more fun when we get fresh input from new members.

I made a single mic demo of a chorus possibility: … chorus.mp3

as soon as my wife heard it she said it sounded a bit like a RE Keen song “then came Lo Mein.” Unfortunately she is right… ah well.

and what will I be, a new version of me
with a heart that has finally found home?
this much I know I will see my Lord
and the loved ones who’ve gone on before

If it’s not a direction the group wants to go with the chorus, it won’t hurt my feelings. I just throw it out there as an idea. I still like Jesse’s start.

Mike, I love the chorus. Believe it or not that’s pretty much what I had in my mind (melody wise). I hadn’t got my guitar out yet but that’s what came to mind. Great Lyrics by the way. The E minor adds a nice touch too.

I didn’t want to leave you hanging Oldhat. I came up with another verse, but I just don’t have time to record it. My biggest week of the year starts tomorrow so I’ll get to it as soon as I can. Here are the lyrics at least until I can record it:

As I walk through the gates, into Glory forever
As I stand at the foot of His throne
Will my Saviour be at the right hand of the Father
welcoming me home?

This is just an idea for another verse, we don’t have to use it. Someone else may have something more fitting and it won’t offend me in any way.

I really like the words you wrote to start it out Jesse. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I’m working on a mandolin break for this one too, but if somebody else has one, go for it.

Talk to you all again Saturday (maybe Friday if my week goes well). :unamused:


Great addition Mike! I like it. Yep that minor chord showed up nicely and you made a nice turn around there with it. Lyrics are nice also…sweet.

J.W. Thanks for the lyrics, we all look forward to hearing you throw down some vocals. Take your time, as I have been pretty strung out lately myself so I don’t think any of us are in a hurry, especially not me!

Guitar or mando backing track should come next…we just gotta put it together. Should be fun to work out instrumental breaks over this…this song will be slow enough that we all should be able to work something out on our instruments and take a break.

Oh, again, don’t wait on me to put it all together, this is “our project”, so if anyone has an idea record it and let’s listen. If I do not contribute a single item to this from here I will be content, however I plan on working out some additional lyrics and guitar parts.

EDIT - Hey MIke, it would be pretty cool if you could persuade your bride to jump in so we add some female lead vocals or harmony :wink:

— Begin quote from "jwpropane"

Believe it or not that’s pretty much what I had in my mind (melody wise).

— End quote

I think it probably goes back to what Jesse wrote. To me it just seemed like the natural progression of the nice melody Jesse had in the verse. As soon as I heard the song, I (probably like you) imagined the chorus melody, I just didn’t have any words.

I like your verse and look forward to hearing it!

Thanks for the words Jesse. Feel free to use as much or as little of my ideas as it best fits. I’ll ask my bride if she will sing on it. I bet she’ll be happy you asked :smiley:

Wife (Carolyn) was indeed happy you asked. She’ll help out.

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Wife (Carolyn) was indeed happy you asked. She’ll help out.

— End quote

Very cool indeed Mike! We definitely need a lady aroudn every once in awhile to reduce the testosterone level around here! I am excited that she is gonna work on some singing!

Speaking of Females…what ever happened to Diane? I remember she wanted to do “Hard Times Come Again No More” and we never heard from her again. You know her status Ozi? Is she doing ok?

Yep, she’s doing ok, just saw her last week at a session night. Her mother died last year after a long illness and she decided to write a book about it - she felt it would be useful for other people going through a similar thing, and it tended to consume her life. She has finally published the book so I’ll have to ask her if she has time/ inclination now for any collabs.
If it interests you here is a link about the book:

Thanks for the update Ozi. I followed the link…I am impressed! Tell her I wish her the best.

could some one lay out the chords as I am deficient in my hearing a tad and have trouble some times hearing what it is I should hear. the beat is great and it is laid back and Love the WORDS very much you all have great Ideas and you could use more than one chorus or verse.

It might be a bit off, but the following should give you the general feel for the chords.
Here it is:
[attachment=0]What will we see.doc[/attachment]

This could be a wonderful song of praise in our church and other places also . it is looking real good thank you for laying that out for an old guy who don’t know better LOL have a great day Mike.

I agree… I think Jesse has a good one going. When we get it fleshed out, I’ll probably play it at my church (as long as Jesse doesn’t mind).

Oh, it wouldn’t bother me for you guys to perform this at church…as mentioned, this is “our song”, not mine. Songs and their stories are meant to be shared.

Mike, song looks good on paper!

I started with the “we” in the 1st verse. Mike took it to the first person by using “I” and JW has “I” again. Do you guys think we should use a “you” in there for a verse?

Mike, I really like your lyrics by the way and I also like how you used the word “version” in your vocals…pretty nifty.

I have not strummed over the melody/break part, however it appears that it is simply just G and D and does not follow the verse or chorus (for those wondering). We can re-work the melody to fit over the verse and use the “C” if we want or we can leave it like it is…suggestions are welcomed in this.

— Begin quote from "Oldhat"

Oh, it wouldn’t bother me for you guys to perform this at church…as mentioned, this is “our song”, not mine.

— End quote

I know you have said it’s our song, that is very gracious of you. With that said, since it was your idea and start, I still think you should get extra credit/respect/consideration/etc.

— Begin quote from "Oldhat"

I started with the “we” in the 1st verse. Mike took it to the first person by using “I” and JW has “I” again. Do you guys think we should use a “you” in there for a verse?

— End quote

I think that’s a great idea. I didn’t make a conscious effort to go from “we” to “I.” It may have been because “me” rhymes with “be.” Going to “you” in a verse kind of makes it all fit together.

Thanks again for the kind words on the lyrics. I am glad that (based on feedback) they seem to fit the song ok.

It usually takes me a few plays to find my errors when I write things down. Unfortunately I tend to see what I want to see. I moved the D at “inside” to “side” and added the missing G at the end of the verse.

I didn’t put the chords on JW’s verse yet as I didn’t want to get the phrasing wrong.

New version attached
[attachment=0]What will we see.doc[/attachment]

a strum of a sus4 D and right back to the D major might be a nice lick when it goes to the D chord . I like the tune it is very homey sounding and warm .

Oh I can hear a D7 chord in there going from D to C in Mike’s chorus and going from D to G in the break and verse…D is fun to piddle around in with the suspended chords and D7’s when you are majoring in G.

Fellas I have been absent as of late. As mentioned in another thread I purchased some property and a place to head off to and “homestead”. been doing a lot of work and here is the most recent labor of my love…tell me this place does not scream “bluegrass music”…we will officially move here over the next few weeks.