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Need help learning a new gospel song

From time to time I get asked to play a song in church even though I am not very far down the guitar trail. I would like to learn how to play David Crowder’s song, “All My Hope Is In Jesus”. I want to play and sing solo with my guitar. I think I could do it well in the key of G. I think it was written for piano in Eb or something like that. Is any one out there able to help me? I like the way Ben does the build a break songs. It allows me to first learn a simple melody and gradually jazz it up a bit as I am able.

Do you have a link to the version you want to learn? And are you talking about just learning chords or learning some lead parts too?


That song is my lifesong! What instrument do you want to learn it on? The keyboards carry most of it.

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Here’s a great link to it.

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The piano player played in Bb, but he transposed to C, so you can probably capo on 1, but it will be tough.

The walks are a really important part of that song, and I don’t think they’ll work well on strings 5 and 6. :thinking:

Was watching the video, and I think that will be really rough on guitar. If you play some keyboard, you could likely crack it by watching the guy play it.

By the way, the video doesn’t really verify whether Crowder does it in Ab or Bb. (Crowder say Ab, keyboard says Bb).

I think you’ll need to transpose either 1 or 3 half steps, if you want to sing in the same key as Crowder. (From a piano perspective).

Guitar Key of G

I just listened to the song while looking at that tab. I guess it’ll get you close, but it’s another example of why the tab on Ben’s site is so good.

That chord chart leaves out several changes, and includes changes that don’t exist. Even scarier is that it’s rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. Maybe it’s transposed from a different recording than the one @Treblemaker posted. I dunno, but I think pulling off what I heard on that link on guitar would be fairly easy for the most part.

Understand Mark. I was just trying to give honest, helpful input without blowing smoke up anybodys skirt.

I don’t see playing it in G on guitar. Of course, it’s playable, but I don’t think it will have the desired effect on the audience, without the nice keyboard walks and the dimished chord.

It would be like Celione Dion singing “How Do I Live Without You” accompanied by a banjo.

Now go out there and prove me wrong Dale!

@jkeller3, check out this question by @Mark_Rocka. Do you have an idea about which part of the song you’d try to play a solo on on your guitar? Just the intro?

OK, I just sat down with it. Here are the chords you’ll need. (I wouldn’t trust anything I’ve seen online.) These are based on the link provided by @Treblemaker here

G / C / D / Em / C#dim

Walking from one chord to the next is very prominent throughout the song. That C#dim is the only oddball chord I can hear. Ben has a better ear than me, though. He may chime in with some additional advice.

Hope this helps.


Wow, you all are on the ball!!! Great help y’all!!! I play it in G. Some recorded versions are Ab (capo up one). The walk ups that Mark does and talks about totally make the song. Some chord charts (like the worhipTogether one), show a an A/C# instead of the C#dim… I agree with the C#dim that Mark heard. That’s what I do. I don’t play the Em passing chord (but I like it) because I learned with a different version.

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I have played it quite a few times with just GTR and vox and I think it is fine. I think the key is what you mentioned… the walks make the foundation for the song.

OK…I acquiesce. Crowder sings it in Ab, so you can come down one half step to G. It should actually be easier to sing that way.

The biggest difference between piano and guitar is that the piano player uses several different bass notes while walking the chords.

Just opining here, but I think the piano version gives the song much more “richness”. That is the perspective from which I was thinking.

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That will almost always be the case. The piano spans many more octaves than a guitar, with the opportunity to allow many more notes to ring out at once. The most ringing notes you can hope for on a guitar is 6. :wink:


12 if you are really sneaky and can get harmonics ringing over a fundamental. On all 6 strings. At once.

I can’t get a harmonic to ring over a fundamental on 1 string. Much less 6. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that sounds great. I think I may have picked something over my head. Even if I had tabs I couldn’t make it sound like that for a long time. Thanks for all your help. You guys are great. By the way, what is a fundamental?

By solo I meant it will just be me and my guitar for special music. Does anyone know how I could get tabs for this song or a build a break routine like Ben sometimes does?