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Ginseng Sullivan

Here’s my attempt at tabbing Josh’s intro. I was going to tab his break, too, but it got too late.


[attachment=0]Ginseng Sullivan.tef[/attachment]

Edit: I uploaded a more complete version further down the page

I haven’t looked at the tef yet (and it’s bed time), but that looks great. Thanks for putting it out there. In the video how on earth did they get that balance between the instruments and the vocals?

I’ve never been to Grey Fox so I’m not sure what’s going on in the video. I don’t see any mics and it looks like an impromptu performance in the audience area in front of the stage. Sure sounds good, though, and the camera work is great for seeing what Josh is doing.

I tabbed the break and fixed some errors at the end of the intro this morning.

[attachment=0]Ginseng Sullivan.tef[/attachment]

The tab looks good to me. I like the ending lick. If you end up working up the song and figure out the chords let me know. It looks like maybe a handy Bm shape in there.

Edit: I just saw the new one. Even more better. That was pretty quick work to tab out the break!

I just noticed I listed the handy Bm shape as a C#m (which it is) on my tab, but that wasn’t consistent with naming the chords relative to the capo, so I fixed it and replaced the upload since you were the only one who had downloaded it.

The chords for the verses are what Josh takes his break over. The chorus goes D, G, D, G, C, D, Em, A7, D, G, D, G, A, D. I noticed Josh uses an F#m7 instead of F#m during the mando break only.

Thanks, I got the update.

He’s got some tasty licks in there, but I’m not sure I could ever get it up to his speed.

I do like the ending lick over the D chord. He uses it at the end of the intro and then a variation of it at the end of the break. Seems like it could be easily transferred to other songs as it’s not really melody driven.

Oh yeah that ending lick is great. It’s actually like several licks that could be pulled out and used individually as well. Good stuff!
I won’t be playing it at 250 anytime soon, but that’s ok… that’s why he gets paid to play.

— Begin quote from "mreisz"

In the video how on earth did they get that balance between the instruments and the vocals?

— End quote

MIke, it’s simply straight into the camera mic live sound. looks like they were warming up for a show maybe.

first break is pretty straight TR.

Second is more of an improve of his own. Surprised me how he got to the needed melody notes ot make it work.

You are right, fiddlewood. I compared Josh’s intro to Tony’s Manzanita version the other night and they are essentially the same.

I just watched the Josh version again and found a spot where I got the fingering wrong in my tab. I had it like this:

[attachment=1]wrong fingering.jpg[/attachment]

But he’s playing it like this:

[attachment=0]correct fingering.jpg[/attachment]

Same notes but it saves making a position change. No small thing at the speed he’s playing.

Thanks for posting the tef file I was wondering all over trying to find something fresh and new and that sounds good and this fills the bill on that, more than fills it.
I really like the fellows strumming technique it is a great sound all by its self . There are many great players out there and when I was 16 you could hardly find any one who played locally. the guys who wailed away in the basement hoping someday to be famous LOL or at least be able to impress the ladies . I LIKE IT!

I think his rhythm playing is great, too. And he makes it look so effortless.

— Begin quote from "mreisz"

I haven’t looked at the tef yet (and it’s bed time), but that looks great. Thanks for putting it out there. In the video how on earth did they get that balance between the instruments and the vocals?

— End quote

More likely through a mixer panel it can work wonders .

Never heard of “mixer panel”. Are you referring to a mixing board or something new (to me) maybe?

If they mixed it I think we’d hear the tenor better and Bass would be more up front. I don’t see any mics of any kind; what is there to mix?

If this is mixed down somehow it is a fantastic job of recreating live one-mic sound.

after I thought for awhile it is not a mixer board , but it could be those hand held recorders I hear they do a really good job. the ones with stereo I would like to have one . … al&client=

Hope the link works but it has the ones I was referring to . the sound was really good .

Those look like pretty handy devices, welder. I wouldn’t mind having one in my shirt pocket when I go to festivals.

I heard a recording a friend had that was made by a handheld stereo recorder… I was impressed with it. I don’t know what kind it was, but I can see if I can find out what it was.

I’m still amazed at how well josh’s voice carries over the instruments. That and his lead lines too.

Those are great recorders…I have the 8 channel model.

I’d say it’s possible but someone had to be a fantastic editor to get the video that in sync I’d think. There are video recorders out that have awesome audio capabilities now-a-days.

Still think it’s just live on a good quality video recorder. That’s not to say the audio wasn’t run through an EQ at a later stage of production…