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Favorite Video to Play Along With

Since I’m still primarily a home picker, I play along to youtube vids most of the time. Thought it would be cool to see what you guys are playing along to and maybe learn some chords from each other and some new songs. So, whatcha got?

I learned this one not too long ago. Alison Krauss and Union Station with Tony Rice, “Sawing On The Strings”.

Please correct any chords that are wrong!
Capo 3:
Verse- G, C, G, D then G, C, G, D, G
Chorus- Gx3, D then G, C, G, D, G


If you have any songs that are good to play Ben’s leads to, please post 'em. I put some of my favorites up later. Let’s pick!

It doesn’t have to be pro’s playing, just something good to pick to. For some reason when I want to play “The Old Home Place”, I look these guys up!

I play Ben’s lead on the second verse while they are singing. :slight_smile: Ben has the chords and a SWEET break in his lesson. If you have any questions about it, post 'em.


Wow, both of these are great tunes.

Good clips Shawn. I’m a big AKUS fan and hadn’t seen that one. Thanks!

Lately I am playing mainly with the metronome. Not near as fun as the vids you posted, thanks for sharing them. Those are great vids.

The AK/Rice/Bush song is awesome. Imagine getting the news that those guys are coming…
Jerry: “Hey Dan, good news! I called Tony and he’s gonna come sit in with us for this recording.”
Dan: “That’s awesome. I wanna give him the spotlight, so I’ll play Mando”
Jerry: “That sounds great. You can figure out how you wanna split things up with Sam, 'cause he’s coming too.” :open_mouth:

For what it’s worth, I am playing around with TablEdit trying to learn the shortcuts and I took a stab at Tony’s ending. I figured I might as well share it. It should be attached. If anyone wants, feel free to make it more better and re-post.


That’s an ending that I use all the time. 2 licks there combined, is one of the better endings around and you composed it correctly.


I couldn’t get your tef file to play, Mike. Strange, since I’ve used your tabs before. That lick sounds really similar to some of Ben’s Endings in G lesson.

Shawn, your upload of The Old Home Place totally sidetracked my practice. I’ve been working on Blue Moon Of Kentucky but after I listened to them boys playing on the video I decided I needed to learn that one, instead. Twenty-four hours later and I got the rhythm and lyrics, but it’s still going to be a while before I get Ben’s lead up to speed and can get back to Blue Moon.

I’ve been enjoying this video of Jesse McReynolds doing a Grateful Dead song. Eighty-two years old and still going strong!


Here’s some tab for guitar. It’s not based on Jesse’s mando - just my own work.
[attachment=0]Black Muddy River[/attachment]

— Begin quote from "ldpayton"

I couldn’t get your tef file to play, Mike.

— End quote

Thanks Larry (and thanks to Oldhat for the confirmation that it works for some),
That’s odd. It plays here even straight out the zip (open with explorer). I am getting ready to buy the registered version. I am a version or two behind current, so maybe there were some changes? I am currently on 2.69 e5.

I love that guy… 82 years old? Awesome! It’s a good song too. Why is it some people’s voice have character (like his) and others (like mine) just don’t sound all that great?

Since it may not work for some, here’s the tab:

— Begin quote from "mreisz"

I am getting ready to buy the registered version. I am a version or two behind current, so maybe there were some changes? I am currently on 2.69 e5.

— End quote

The error message I was getting said something about being created with an unregistered version, so that’s probably the cause. Thanks for posting the tab image instead.

I didn’t shrink the number of measures to the unregistered limit of 16 or less (I couldn’t remember where it was). I bet it sticks some sort of flag in the the file, and as a result I bet it works with unregistered versions and not with registered. Whatever the logic, it seems pretty clumsy.

I don’t know if you guys only play bluegrass but here is an old rock favorite of mine, Styx in the 70’s. A really fun song to play.


That’s a cool song Jim. I listened to alot of Styx, but don’t recall that one. Is it just me or is there a tuba doubling the bass during the mando solo? If so, we need to get some tuba tabs up!

Yep, I heard the tuba too, nice touch. I have a friend that plays the accordion and I’m hoping to get him to play this song.
Now finding a tuba player will be a little more difficult! :laughing:

Good stuff, guys! Glad y’all liked the songs! That’s what it’s all about, putting all the things we learn here to use. I learn a lot from you guys.

Mike, thanks for tabbing out that ending, that’s great!

Larry, sorry about derailing your practice but that song IS addictive. :smiley:
Great song post too, BTW!

Jim, post up whatever songs you like to play to. I like all kinds of music!

Post 'em up guys, 'cause I’ve got another one on the burner! :slight_smile:

Here is another favorite of mine:


“Summer Breeze” only sounds right to me when played from AM radio in a car with the windows rolled down. Great song.

Or on an 8 track!

True, an 8 track would be perfect. I guess I didn’t think about it because we didn’t have one. Just records and radio.

Found this when I was looking for bluegrass players who use a classical guitar. Unfortunately, since I’ve never seen another person play bluegrass on a classical guitar. It’s a fun video and she’s a great player, even though she usually doesn’t play bluegrass. [video][/video]