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Dunlop Primetone Sculpted Plectras

Has anyone tried the new Dunlop Primetone Sculpted picks yet?

My favorite “cheaper” pick is the Dunlop Ultex teardrop 1.14mm (not the sharper point, but the more rounded). These are also Ultex, but made different I’m assuming. I thought I’d order some 1.3 mm since they don’t come in 1.14 mm. They look interesting and haven’t found any locally. You can view them at Elderly or Amazon.

I’m going to order some soon and will let you all know how they are. In the meantime, if anyone else has tried them, I and (others I’m sure) would like to hear about them.



Let us know how they are. I have been meaning to give them as spin as well.

Just checked those out at the Elderly website. Never heard of them but looks like something I’d try. I like the different shapes offered. Eager to hear an opinion on these.

Price wise they are not to bad and look very interesting . I bet I might wind up with at least three of them for 6.99, not a bank breaker . If any one gets any of them let us know about the use and tone.

I have ordered three of the picks I opted for the 1.4 mm and the with the grip so in about 5 days I should have them and ready to try them out .

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I have ordered three of the picks I opted for the 1.4 mm and the with the grip so in about 5 days I should have them and ready to try them out .

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I just ordered some 1.3 mm, a 3 pack of the grip and a 3 pack of non grip. We should get them about the same time.

If you’d like, I’ll trade you one of my 1.3’s for one of your 1.4’s. Let me know and I hope you’re feeling better.


Sure we could mail them to each other . I have tried the pick and its great I like it very much may have found a cheap way of using a good pick . the grip on this 1.4 is great . Pick scraping can be who the player is but as for me I noticed no scrapping at all with these picks. they are keepers for sure . I will send you my address thru the mail here and you can send me yours .I was wanting to try the blunt tip also but did not want all three of them that way . these picks work very well picking or strumming final say " I LIKE EM" They are an improvement over the regular Dunlop picks I use a 1 mm and have liked them for a long time but this one is sort of special it feels like it does not grab the string and feels like it slides off . good sharp tone clear .

Sounds good Welder.

I’ll send you a PM with my address. I just ordered mine yesterday, so they may not be here 'till next week.



No hurry JW , I sent your pick it goes out in tomorrows mail and from Lebanon it should not take over three days . I ordered the picks on the 6th all the way from Missouri and I got them today the 8th . Musicians friend has always been very good with the shipping and this time no charges on shipping. Of course we won’t be able to tell how long they last but a buff up here and there should extend the life a bit. I have a nephew that lives in New Carlisle and he plays about any instrument he picks up he is now playing Dayton area with his band “The shocktones” He plays a mean banjo also . He could not drink a beer with the bluegrass band so he started his own and it is surf music two guys a drummer and a guitar player as the singer, they sound really good.

As far as feeling better I am and think I had Shingles that is one hateful infection and they tell me it never leaves your side it is there waiting to hit again.

The pick is in the mail , My wife ran out of stamps and had to get some more but I told her to drop it in the mail at the post office. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, they seem to be holding up well .

Thanks Welder, I’m looking forward to trying them out. The ones I ordered didn’t arrive today, so it will be next week before I get one sent to you.

Glad you’re feeling better.


I recieved the 1.3 mm teardrop picks that I ordered and the 1.4 mm triangle pick that Ken (Welder) sent me yesterday. I tried them out and like them alot. I ordered a pack of the grip and a pack of non-grip (both teardrop or standard shape in 1.3 mm). The pick welder sent is a large triangle shape.

The picks with grips have a raised circle with a fine sandpaper feel to them. It kinda feels like a cat’s tongue without the slobber (or the sharp teeth). It makes for a nice grip. The non-grip is just a typical polished pick with the logo in ink whereas the logo on the gripped pick is raised and actually makes up part of the grip. The non-grip is sticky enough to where it doesn’t slip and slide (for me anyway).

The grip picks are a nice looking deep reddish - brown translucent finish and the non-grips are a solid dark brown finish, similar to a Blue Chip. Maybe that was their intent. The thickness is a little deceiving. I thought the 1.3’s that I ordered would be a little dark and dampened sounding on guitar. They don’t offer these in 1.14mm like their gold Ultex picks so I went with the 1.3’s. They sound about as bright as the 1.14, so I was pleased with that. The 1.4mm has a very nice tone on guitar (similar to my Blue Chip STP-50 with a straight bevel. They both sound really good. I think I would stay away from the 1 mm if you don’t like a bright sound.

To sum it up, for six or seven dollars for a three pack, give 'em a try. It’s fun trying new picks, strings, instruments, etc. I got mine from Music 123 through Amazon. I think welder got his from Musician’s Friend.

I sent yours out today Welder. Hope you’re ok with the standard teardrop shape. Thanks for the one you sent.


The tear drop shape is what I have been using for almost a year no,w the pick will be fine . I used to use the triangle pick made by fender but I was playing the Fender back then they lasted about a month of good steady playing and the tips broke off. The thing I like the most about them I could hang on to them . but have cured my slipping problem . so either one is OK with me . thanks for sharing . Maybe that will be my next best pick . until something else comes along LOL .

I couldn’t stand hearing anymore about the new Dunlop Primetone Sculpted Plectrum. So I ordered a three pack yesterday. On the way are three of the standard .73mm plectra. (did you know that plectrums or plectra are both acceptable plural forms of plectrum?) :laughing: :laughing: I know the .73 is really thin but this is within the range of thickness that I currently use and they fit my style of playing. Since my wife works for the USPS, I am willing to trade one of the picks with someone for just about anything as far as plectra go. I have never had a whole lot to say about plectra but I will try to give some sort of a review once I give 'em a try.

I sometimes use a .88 for strumming or playing the Strat. I have used .73 but really would not use it . I have some dunlop .1mm that I will just send you if you want to try that , let me know and send a personal message with your address and I will send you one . those I think are the delrin picks, but it works really well for strumming or picking .

Hey J.W. and Welder, you guys have got me curious about those Primetone picks. I have more Wegen bluegrass picks than I need, one 1.0mm and the others 1.2mm. If either of you would want to swap out one of your gripped Primetones with me let me know. Otherwise I’ll just have to get up off my cheap rear end and order some! :smiley:

You would be losing on that trade so I won’t do it because of that, to much difference in price you would lose about two thirds of the price . 6.99 for three dunlops and about 15 bucks for three of the wegans . you would get them in about the same time frame if you ordered them .

Yeah I’m aware of the price difference but I don’t mind losing a few bucks between friends. It was awful considerate of you to think about it though.

Welder’s right, that wouldn’t be a good deal for you. I might trade you if you let me throw in a few other picks along with the Primetone.

What style are your Wegens in the 1.2 or thicker?


Thanks J.W. but me and Welder have already worked something out. Appreciate the offer though! I’ll be trying out the 1.4 triangle pick before long. The Wegens I have are the bluegrass style. (BG120) I also have a Wegen M150 I never use which is their round mandolin pick.

By the way Welder, I sent you back a PM.