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Slower ballads and country songs is where this banjo backup really shines, and we’ll begin to get our brains and fingers around it with part 1 of this series!


Looks like it’s all based out of bar chord? THANK YOU BEN


Yep, sure is! It’s a lot of fun and useful, too!


Why is it called teardrop banjo backup ?


used mainly in sad songs…


I could be way off here, but this looks like it might mesh well with the waypoints lessons. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to Part 2


Another great lesson to put in my back pocket!!!


Can someone give me some ideas of well known bluegrass jam songs that you could use this back up with? Thanks in advance.


Here’s a few here: Coming Soon - Teardrop Backup

Also, any country shuffle like Crying My Heart Out Over You https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_I-J81Kcek

Also, any slower waltz (we’ll cover this pattern soon) like Blue Moon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4syA9aNnNa0


I’ve been using Ben’s Boil Dem Cabbage Down slowest jam track to play around with.

Here’s a little recording of me playing with a combination of the teardrop and waypoints lessons together.


Nice little ditty Mark, I hate the tune Boil Dem Cabbage Down but loved your version. Great little ending


Yeah, it’s not my favorite tune either, but it has a great chord progression for trying out new things.

Thanks Archie!


Rank Stranger is a great way to use this lick


Hi @Mark_Rocka Where did you find the Boil Cabbage jam track I did a search of the banjo area and came up empty.


Here you go.





Hey @Mark_Rocka, what’s that on your bridge or is that just a different kind of bridge?

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