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Coming Soon - Teardrop Backup

Hi @BanjoBen just caught sight of what’s to come. Great Topic. Falls in nicely with Alan’s Geography lesson and the Waypoint’s lessons in G & C. It had been in my thoughts to suggest a lesson on the tremolo licks ( pedal steel licks ) but I was holding back until you had fully recovered before offering up the suggestion.

I have done some of this teardrop stuff before and I am looking forward to getting into this lesson at the weekend. It sounds great with the guitar backing.

For me at least, the only problem I have had with this type of backup is finding tunes where this style of playing works well.

Love to hear a few tune suggestions.

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One of my favorite backup things…seems to be going out of style in the post LRB sound

works great for

slow songs

old country

3/4 & 6/8 time

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I’ll think of some songs as we get more into application, but it can be used on literally any 4/4 song that is slow enough for you to play it with–which, of course, is different for different folks.

Even though it’s not used in this cut, I would use teardrop backup at times if playing this song at this speed:

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I used “my version” of it in this old ET tune.


Here’s a bit of Earl coming in & out with it in a 4/4 tune.

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I’ve been wanting to learn that backup Earl did in ; i’ll never love another; The mercury sessions cd has the best backup i’ve ever heard. Thats if you like Earls style. I listen to it in my semi all the time, hoping i can learn some of it when i get home. I don’t know how Earl remembered all of it.

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I saw Del & the Boys last night and Robby played teardrop all the way through this one:

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