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Hi @smaxon8421 Steven. It’s all about geography. Adding a capo doesn’t change the location of the chords. The G chord is still where it was before you put on the capo. The same applies to every other Bar chord.

Hope this helps.

I basically just had to get used to it- viewing G position in 3 or 4 capo positions. It gets easier with time and trying to notice your inlays more also helps a bit.

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Thankyou. I go to jams and in the background of songs I’m like that would sound super cool but ther person who kicked it off chose B flat or B and then I shy away from those cool methods and or licks higher up the neck.


So for Bb you capo up three frets tune your fifth string to A#Bb and play as though you are in open G… It’s understandable that you might get lost further up the neck but in time and as you gain knowledge and experience you’ll find you go to these positions automictically.

Try this exercise. Choose a tune you know well in G and has an up the neck break. Capo up 1 fret to G# and tune the fifth string to G#/Ab now play the tune. Bet it sounds pretty good and feels fairly comfortable.

Now capo up one fret to A retune the fifth to A and play the same tune.

Now capo up one more fret to Bb retune the fifth to A#/Bb {Woah you’ll need a spike or 5th string capo otherwise you’ll snap a string} and repeat the exercise. Your now playing in Bb out of the G position.

Because your familiar with playing out of the G position your fretting hand will automatically locate itself over the Bb chord positions up the neck. You don’t have to think it through.

I need to learn how to use finger picks I am a beginner beginner

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@BanjoBen has a couple of lessons on Banjo Picks I can only find this one but I am sure Ben can help you find the other one. You definitely need to use picks for three finger style pickin

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[New Member] At about 0:50 you close out your intro,“bumpitah-bah” with an up-the-neck G-lick. Is there a lesson in which that up-the-neck G-lick is tabbed out? Thanks

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Hi @mtp1032 Michael welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum

It’s an up the neck G Lick using a bend

Think you’ll find something fairly close in this Bag o’ Lick Lessons