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Changing your forum name and avatar

There seems to be some confusion on how to change our forum user names and avatars (profile pictures.) Hopefully this will help. Even though there’s an area to view profile settings on the Forum, we can’t make changes there because the forum is linked to the main site. So, we have to go to the main site to make changes.

First, click on the “My Account” link at the top right of the page.

Next, click on the “Edit” button on your profile page.

Finally, you’ll see entries for your Avatar and Nickname. Upload a picture from your computer and change the Nickname to something you’d like others to see on the forum. Don’t forget to click Save when done!


Whoa, thanks!

Thanks man. I was looking for a way to do that.

Good Job Mark.

It took me a short while to figure this out and I have Hosted Bulletin Boards before. No two are the same.

Hi, Mark, thanks for posting. I used this procedure and successfully changed my avatar for the main site. But that does not seem to affect my avatar for the forum; I still only have the gray silhouette. Any idea how to get the Forum to recognize my avatar? Thanks in advance.

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I’ll have to get my web guy to check this out…can’t figure it out. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks, in the meantime I’ll try with a different image.

@Michael If you have not already done this, you might just try logging out and logging back in. I use multiple computers all day and noted that the other computers did not update certain items until I logged out of the sight on that specific computer and then logged back in. It;s worth a try any way.


I had that problem once and had to use a completely different picture to get it to work. If that doesn’t fix it, Steve’s idea is good to try. If it still doesn’t work, it has to be something on the backend that will take some programming magic to fix.

Thanks, already tried that.

I’m putting in a request to my web dev guy for your Michael…thanks for your patience.

Old topic, but wanted to mention that I also have that same issue. Main avatar updates successfully, but the forum icon/avatar is still the default:


Tried logging out and clearing cache and all of that.

Every now and then the site has some sort of hiccup and throws off all of the pictures, as you can see from the missing pictures in my first post in this thread. I’ve already replaced those pictures twice and now they’re gone again.

If you’re following the instructions in the top post in this thread and still having the problem, the only thing I’ve found that will fix it is to slightly change your picture file on your local computer (rename the file, adjust the size, anything) and then go through the motions again. I’ve had to do that a couple of times now.

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Yes, I’m sorry about that! We recently migrated the forum to a bigger server. Can you try again?

Just want to update here. I don’t remember exactly when it happened, but I logged in one day and “tada!” the forum picture matched the picture that I uploaded to banjobenclark. I didn’t do anything it just happened one day. So maybe there is a routine that runs periodically that fixes up the forum images from the main site image? /shrug.

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Several Weeks ago my Avatar disappeared and I have tried tonight to get it back but it doesn’t seem to be working

Hi Brandon I had to upload my avatar again, it would seem there are two locations where it is seemingly possible to upload the avatar. One in Preferences and one in Profile not sure which worked for me. Trial and error.

There seems to be an ongoing issue with the Forum where links to Avatars and uploaded Images are broken possibly when the Servers do a scheduled update. I know that @BanjoBen and @StephenHewitt were looking into this a while back but I guess other things have a higher priority.

It’s not a problem, I’ll try both ways hopefully today.

I finally got it. It worked from my iPhone, but never did work from my PC.

I finally got my avatar to reappear. I’d been updating the photo a number of times, updated, then saved and it seemed to work, but the avatar didn’t appear. I tried uploading it again today using a Chromebook and realized the photo wasn’t in my google drive. I saved the photo into my google drive, went through the upload process and it worked! All the other tries were on my windows machine saving the photo from the photo directory. I don’t know if it will stick or not, but at least it seems to be working for now.