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Calling all lefties!

I love Banjo Ben’s General Store, but he just doesn’t carry any of those great guitar deals for us lefties. So, if you’re a lefty, let him know it! Maybe we can get him to give us a little respect…hahahaha


Makes two of us, lefty on the guitar and lefty on the Irish Tenor Banjo!

Kind Regards,


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My little girl is a lefty…I love lefties! The problem is that literally none of the guitar makers I carry even build a lefty guitar. Blueridge, Eastman, Recording King…no lefties. We are gonna try to get in with some of the more boutique brands, such as Collings, but that kind of thing takes a while…and quite a bit of money :wink:

If you haven’t started yet, it’s best to learn right handed for this reason. And it’s not any more difficult it actually seems more logical to fret with your dominant hand.


I’m a southpaw in everything but music…couldn’t play that way, so I play right-handed


No offense Lefty or to any other left handers, but I kinda agree with Dragonslayer… Both hands are busy working and doing something. It must be a muscle memory or a feel thing. To my knowledge, there aren’t left handed pianos but I’m sure many left handed people play them.

I love left handers too (my son is one) and if I knew of any left handed people starting out, I would highly recommend learning to play right handed just for the sake of being able to find an instrument.

If you want to see some really great, precise and accurate left handed guitar playing, check out Jay Smith on you tube! Start with Magnatron Boogie (or anything he does). It’s mostly electric guitar but he’s fascinating to watch… and very tasteful!

I wish there were more lefty guitars for you Lefty… once you’ve started and learned to play, it’s almost impossible to switch sides. Just try it right handers!

Good luck!


They don’t make lefty woodwinds (actually all orchestra instruments are the same) and for fiddling everyone plays “right handed” unless you can’t lift your right arm. I have nothing against lefties. (why am I saying that? No clue). My little brother is one and plays uke right handed. Check out Michael Card, he plays a right guitar lefty, and makes some awesome music. And check this thread

And btw, I wish I had a left handed guitar so I could try, cuz I want to be able to play any guitar anywhere. Of course my fingernails that I pick with would be in the way…


I switched after taking lessons and watching my teacher tell my parents in front of me that I was just one of those people who would never be able to play.
My friend (we were both under 10yrs, noticed I was “playing backwards and my strings were on upside down”…he had his Dad change them and I learned to play rhythm to two songs on the first day.


I’ve seen several fiddlers, even national champs, who play right-strung instruments left handed…bass players also…and I know several accomplished “flip” (ala Hendrix) guitar players.

The world is built for “average” height right-handed people…recliner handles on the right, union carpenters forced to cut right handed with skill saw, chainsaws are only made right handed, toilets flush on the right or center…the list goes on…it’s supply & demand in the simplest of terms…

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How’s this for left hand pickin on a standard right hand guitar Libba Cotten also played a five string banjo this way.

I’m sure you are more knowledgeable than me about guitars, but I have seen some Blueridge lefties on line. Are they not the same Blueridge that you care?

Your point is well taken, but I find that I don’t have the control and rhythm in my right hand like I do in my left that is required for strumming and picking. Plus, it’s just more comfortable.
Take it from a true lefty…I just as well not have a right hand…lol

Well, you’re no help fiddle_wood…lol

I haven’t had a problem finding an instrument. I have a Martin 000-18,
a Taylor Mini, and two Zager’s. Just not able to buy one from Ben’s General Store, and would like to support his business on my next purchase which will be a dreadnaught. Thanks for he advice, but I’m already a year into my commitment to learn to play.

Great athletes…LEFT-HANDED…lol

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they make the best bowlers…:sunglasses:

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My grandson is left handed. He had the old uke holding it right-handed banding it along with me. I don’t know if he copying me playing or he wants to hold it that way… In a few years if he is serious about playing, we will explore all options and go from there. I hope he takes an interest in music.

Bowlers! Pitchers, quarterbacks, hitters,golfers…but bowlers?

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Left handers do seem to excel in many things, sports being one of the more popular, since athletes are always in the news, on T.V., etc.

I wouldn’t change now… Check out Jay Smith as I mentioned earlier. Watching him play is encouraging to me and I’m right handed!

One of the guys in “The Grascals” plays left handed dreadnoughts…

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Guess you proved your teacher wrong!

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