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Banjo Ben 2020 European Camp Planning Thread

This is continued from Banjo Ben's Inaugural Cabin Camp, March 28-30, 2019!

We can begin generating interest and ideas for pulling off a European camp in 2020!

@Maggie, let’s continue discussion here about @seeligdan’ splace.

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@seeligdan, we’re continuing discussion here. So, I’m curious, what is this place to you? Your primary residence, vacation place, a resort or rental of some sort?

@BanjoBen, I can see individual members in the forum, even a list, but is there a way to see where each is from? Or to do a filter search? I know you and your tech guys can, but when I click on a member name, I’m curious to see where they are from. Does our profile display that?

No, and it doesn’t on my end, either.


A few of us have added ourselves to the member map, but that’s probably not very helpful.

That’s neat. How do I add myself to that map?

Scroll down near the end of that thread and find Mike_R’s post that starts with

“On the map in the first post…”

Be warned, I had a heckuva time getting myself added to the map. Hopefully you won’t run in to the same problems.

I’ve just been exploring Sancerre, France on line. It’s almost in the center of France and in the heart of wine country; rural, lot’s of rolling hills. A lovely medieval town with old churches, cobblestone roads, surrounded by lot’s of vineyards, and overlooks the Loire River. What’s not to like? Plenty of restaurants and reasonably priced hotels. I also checked Airbnb and there are several fantastic listings in and around town.

It is far away from, well, everything. Some may consider that a plus. Access from Paris by 3 hour train ride plus 20 minute bus ride, or by 2.5 hour car drive or by 5.5 hour bus ride. For those planning an extended holiday, you would then probably want to relocate elsewhere, but for Europeans attending only the camp… I don’t know, perhaps @Archie or other Europeans can offer some guidance?

I’m curious to hear if those in Scandinavia and the UK would attend such an event and if so, would they attend at this location. Also, if Brexit happens, will it be more difficult for the British to go to the EU? Would the British be less interested or likely to go to the EU?

Is it true that most European members are in the UK? If so, would it make more sense to have the camp there? Would mainland Europeans attend in the UK? If Brexit happens, does that make it more difficult for mainland Europeans to go to the UK?

There’s much to work out, but plenty of time. I hope we get some good feedback from members, especially those in Europe.

Hi @Maggie sorry I can’t offer any guidance. My knowledge of France is minimal, I have been to Paris twice on engineering courses and I spent a half day in Nice back in the 80’s whist on holiday in northern Italy.

Personally my traveling days are over, but I am sure most Europeans should be able to reach Sancerre fairly easily, Don’t believe all your hear in the Media, Brexit won’t be a problem. I was in the Army in Germany when the UK joined the Common Market and travel in Europe was easier than traveling to the US back then which required a Visa.

Gotta dash going out with the family.

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I’m on the map now, thanks.

Wow, I am on the map. I feel so special.



Wow that’s moving quickly! In answer to your question the house is my 2nd home. I live in Amsterdam but spend 3 months a year here. Down here now for Christmas New years ect… Great place to woodshed. I pretty much walk the dog and practice. Good fun. Would be great to organize something here. We are off the beaten path but there is a direct train of less than 2 hours from Paris. Rent a car in Paris and after the camp you can head off to the south of France or wherever. I’m sure I could organize a final evening concert a local watering hole.


I found you. You’re really in Clearwater? You inspired me to add myself!

Hey Butch, yeah where are you?

Oh no, you couldn’t find me! Eugene, Oregon. My wife and I own a home in Sarasota. We lived in Clearwater for many months in 2014 while our home was being built. My introduction into Bluegrass Jams began at Freedom Lake Park every Sunday afternoon. You’ve been there?

Oh that’s neat. I know Eugene. I lived in Portland and Seattle for 30 years and drove through and to Eugene often. I have a cousin in Sarasota but I’m not familiar with that park. Well, nice to meet you. I miss the PNW.

Sorry, should have clarified, the park is in Clearwater. Give it a google. I read on one of your earlier comments you were nervous to get out and perform with others. These folks are so fun, and so welcoming, Good place to get prepared for Ben’s camp. :smile: It’s every Sunday at noon. All levels welcome. I’ll attach a sample of what your missing out on Maggie.

Freedom Lake Park Jam

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