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Audio and Video Editing Tips - How to? What set up?

Hi guys
I want to learn how to record videos with better audio/video quality. I bought a focusright interface and a condenser mic and I am trying a few different daws to get the audio part rolling. I am not sure what tool to use to edit videos and how to use multiple cameras and such

What are the video/audio editing toold you´d reccomend and what is your fav set up?

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Everything thing is good. All it takes is practice!


thank you so much @BanJoe


@frankb_be this is a link to a similar topic that I bookmarked so I could refer to it again…maybe it would be of interest:


Hey @frankb_be, I use Logic Pro X to record my audio with an Apollo Quad interface, then it’s Panasonic GH5 cams and Premiere Pro editing software to do the video.