YouTube Interview with Mark Cosgrove


If you have an hour to spare, here’s an interesting interview with flatpicker Mark Cosgrove. I’m not sure how “known” he is, but I found it interesting.


Thanks, Julian. Some neat info in the interview. I just had to pick through the irrelevant stuff, like where his concert dates were in 2001. He seems like a really humble guy. My favorite line was, “The mathematics of the fretboard go on forever.”


“No musician says ‘I don’t need to learn anything more’”

I think one needs to exclude Rock musicians from that statement. I suspect Yngwie Malmsteen probably said something similar to that about the time he was 19 or 20. He was a pretty confident guitarist.


My brother used to drive Yngwie’s tour bus. I still have one of his custom guitar picks, but unfortunately, it’s not The Pick of Destiny and I’m just as slow with it as I am with my Wegen.