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Have you guys seen this site before? I just came across it and thought it was pretty cool. I haven’t tried to learn anything off of it so I don’t know how accurate it is yet.

Check it: … layer_open

That’s a pretty cool format for learning. It would take a while to get used to it, though. Feels a little like Guitar Hero. :laughing:

Yeah, it would take some gettin’ used to. It needs something to be able to slow it down some.

I had not seen that. Very nice! I love the concept.
I guess I should be playing like Tommy by Tuesday

Goes a bit quick for me … but I’m more a bass player (slooooooow).
Great clip - yet another great Oz talent! I used to see Tommy and his brother Phil playing together in a small club in Sydney back in the mid 80’s before he hit the bigtime. It was one of the only places open late on a Sunday night so a lot of the best Sydney musos would go there after they finished earlier gigs and would sometimes sit in with Jim Kelly’s regular band (who were also some of the best musos). :sunglasses:
Ah those blissful days!

It’s Thursday Mike, have ya mastered it yet? :smiley: Have you tried playing any of TE’s stuff? I learned “Those Who Wait” and it wasn’t too awful difficult. It don’t sound like TE playin’ it though.

Cool Ozi! I bet that was something to see. TE has alot of fans over here too (I’m sure worldwide). I got a chance to see him back in 2000 or 2001 here in Knoxville. It was a great show!

Surprisingly, youTab didn’t magically convert my abilities overnight. :cry:
I haven’t worked on TE’s stuff. I have had his version of Classical Gas on my list of things to take a run at. Not that I could pull it off well, but I think it would be fun to work. At some point I want to spend a little dedicated time on working on a thumb pick.
I browsed around youTab, and there is some cool stuff. There are some good beginner vids to play along with… for example if someone is working on strumming, they can play along with America’s “Horse with no name” with the use of only 2 fingers to make two different chords. It doesn’t get much easier than that for the left hand.