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Your pick of banjo

ok, not unlimited, but if you had 2-3k lying around to buy a new banjo, what would you buy?

Talk to Arthur Hatfield or Chris Bozung for new. Both are great craftsmen, good honest guys that want you to get what you want, and not over-priced.

I’ve owned a Hatfield Buck Creek model and have several friends that own Hatfields also. Chris Bozung and I have been friends for over 30 years and I’ve played many of Chris’s instruments and have several friends that own these as well.

If your looking for used…I have a '93 Rich & Taylor "JD Crowe model that kicks butt! It has the wear of an instrument that has been played for 20 years but newer frets and in good solid condition. This is a top of the line instrument with great tone and play-ability. I just don’t play it so, I’d let it go for $1500.

It is one of the banjos in the listening poll at the top of this forum.
If you have any questions about any of this I’d be happy to hear form you.
Dave Long

Good luck in your search

you have any pics?

Well I have a tone hoop converted Gibson style 11 from the 30’s (a Kel Kroydon). Because there is no tone ring, it only weighs a little under 9 lbs which I really like.

You can still find Kel Kroydon tenors for under $2400 (I’m not sure if you could snag a late 30’s Gibson for that though). You’d have to get a neck made so you’ll be over $3000 but this is a route to an affordable ‘prewar’.

Is this a good idea though? I don’t really know but I don’t look at other banjos anymore.

The standard answers are probably going to be Yates, Hubers, Sullivans and Hatfields. Maybe Stelling, probably not Deering though at this price point, you can get a very good instrument and the rest is just about showing off to your friends.



The R & T also comes with a Lakota Leathers cradle strap and and old beat up hard-shell case.

It also has the “Big 10” tone ring in it which is the one that is most sought after.

a couple better sound bites of the R & T.

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