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Your Love Is Like A Flower

My guitar mentor is a big time Tony fan, so I’ve been digging into lots of his stuff lately. Here’s another of my attempts at transcribing a TR break.

[attachment=0]Your Love Is Like A Flower.tef[/attachment]

(guitar break starts at 1:33)

That Tony break sounds a bit like JW’s solo on 9 # hammer :smiley:

Tony is smooth. I haven’t looked at the tab, but it sounds like it might be a tough one to tab out. You could do parts in different positions.

Looked at the tab now… at first pass it sounds great! The position ambiguity wasn’t as bad as I figured because I was (edit:) not planning on a capo, but C4 makes it pretty straight forward. Nice job!

The part that seemed ambiguous to me was at measures 16 & 17.

I tabbed it like the top example, but I guess it could be fingered like the bottom example, too. Seemed to me that it was a more awkward position change that way.


I edited my above post to add a “not”… one word changes the meaning amazingly. :astonished:

I like the way you tabbed it (first example), and I’d bet a dollar that’s in line with the way it was done.