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Young Folks

Tell me she doesn’t knock it outta da park!


Yep, she’s a natural!

She has it all. Awesome! I going to burn all my stuff :laughing:

well, I tried to get a video embedded but can’t seem to handle that operation yet. bummer

Blue grass will never die ,at least not in this generation . There are so many new artists it is hard to keep up with them . I am glad I do not compete (I could not) but I am so glad this tradition is going to be in the new generation. Keep it going youngin’s

Seeing that little girl singing the blues makes me laugh. Reminds me of The Dewey Cox Story.

“Ain’t no 6-year-old boy understand the true meaning of the blues.”

“I reckon I might.”

You play the guitar?

“Never have before. But I’m a real fast learner.”

I thoroughly enjoyed that.

And might I add that - though I don’t want to wish my life away - I’m excited about the day that I have a big, gray beard and get to wear bib overalls all day everyday.

[attachment=0]old and gray.jpg[/attachment]I got the beard covered. All I need is the overalls.

And since this is a young folks thread, here is the daughter of our good friends at the bluegrass festival tonight. Nothin’ Fancy was very cool to let the girls dance for them.


Larry, I dig the beard. I remember we had a forum thread on it about a year or so ago. I’m glad to see the beard is still alive and kicking.

That’s some fancy clogging. Back in Kentucky I remember seeing (non competitive) people clog when I was a kid at festivals and such. It’s such a happy dance.

Those girls have a lot more knees and elbows flying than with the backyard clogging I’m familiar with, but according to her mom that’s how they teach it. I thought they were pretty darn good given it was an impromptu performance. The festival didn’t have a whole lot for kids to do, so this is how we placated them while we got some picking in.