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You Put The Hurt On Me

Wondering if anyone out there could help me figure this out. It’s by the Steeldrivers. Richard Bailey. It seems extremely simple in G, C, and D. I’m want to learn the intro lick he uses as the fiddle comes in, and in my learning curve, I’m trying to figure out which strings to pick and which rolls to use throughout the tune. I can’t seem to find tab anywhere for it. I don’t think I’m good enough to figure it out by ear just yet, although that’s exactly what I’m trying to do at the moment. A friend who plays guitar wants to learn this tune together but he is far more advanced than myself. I just want to get my feet wet and at least try to jam. I’m trying to learn as much as I can because I’ve put the banjo away for far too long. Any help or advise is GREATLY appreciated.

Well, my backup is really weak but I just listened to the song on YouTube and if it’s the same one, it’s not in G but in A.

It’s nice and slow though so it should be easy to vamp and roll through it just using the chord shapes (A, D and E). Check out Ben’s Square Roll lesson to get some good ideas for backup rolling.

But you could just experiment and play around until you find something that sounds good.

Like for the first A, do a pinch, then a forward inside roll, forward roll, reverse roll to a pinch D, etc, etc. Because the song is slow you can just mess around and really listen to what you’re doing and then remember what it was when it sounds good.

Good luck!

I know this is a long shot, but could anyone possibly tab this out for me? I would be eternally grateful. It doesn’t need any of the ornaments or ‘cool’ stuff, I would just like to get a very basic tab that I could play when I pick along with my guitar friends.

Oh… And I’m not near good enough to listen along and pick out notes that I think should be. I wish lol. I’m not sure I could put together even a roll pattern if I did know the chords to use. I’m trying though. I think the intro is (capo on 2) 4th string 2nd fret, then 3rd fret, then 4th fret, then open 1st string?

My approach might not be the right one but here are my thoughts.

If you can’t just try different rolls over the chords of the song, then you might not yet be ready to take on this task yet. I know it sounds simple, the backup that’s being played (and I don’t think it is all that complicated) but you need some skills before you can get there.

I used to think that if the backup was just tabbed out, then I could figure it out but really, even if someone tabbed something out, then all you would be able to do would be to try and play that memorized backup. You really need to be familiar with chords and with rolling over chords.

To do this, you need to start at the beginning. Ben’s lessons are great for this. He teaches you simple songs where you learn your chord shapes and your rolls and you play these over and over and over again until they start to become automatic.

Then you can take a song like this and just fiddle around and find something good to play. But you have to start at the beginning. Learn some songs and play them 1000 or times. You don’t need to practice rolls, you’ll do that playing the songs.

As for this song, you can play in open G so you would be playing a 4 finger A or you could capo on the second fret (and spike on 7) which would then be open A (so A would be open, D would be a 3 finger C shape and E would be a 2 finger D shape).