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Wrong finger

hey guys i was readin some of the funny stuff y,all did ,an figgered i,d join in,my family and i was singin at the lil ol festival in gassaway tn.a few years ago,an a feller name of john henry was playin a hagg song ,well i was kinda nervous as it was our turn next,an when i git nervous i tend to talk faster.n i can think ,if you know what im talkin it was my time to sing the mayor had just tod everybody to give ol john a Good hand,an did ,but when i got to the mic,without even thinkin,i said Why don,t any a ya,ll ever give me a Hand All i ever git is the Finger

Ha! That probably got a good laugh and probably loosened up your playing, too.

hey idpayton,good to hear from ye,you are rite,it loosened us all up purty good,and to beat it all when i said what i did this woman on the front row plum fell out on the ground , went to whoopin it up, well i thought ,shes drunk or somethin,i got thru singin and went down to see what was wrong with her, and she held up her hand, an only had two an a half fingers left on it,she was laughin so hard tears was comin down,she told she had done give me bout all she could afford to,thanx for listnin,yore ol friend,brad

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