Who tossed the flute?


This question grabbed me as I was answering the “what is your favorite video to play along with” put up by TNTaylor. I answered the transatlantic sessions on youtube, a BBC show that takes Celtic and Bluegrass musicians and puts them together. Since bluegrass has the Appalachian base which comes from the Scotch-Irish immigrants, many of the songs are similar or almost the same. (See St. Anne’s Reel with Celtic fiddlers Aly Bain and Jerry Douglas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwllcWC_FL4&feature=player_detailpage)

In fact the instruments are also similar, guitars, fiddles, mandolins, and banjos (or variants of them). My question is, on the string side the two styles are alike but the Celtic style has flutes, whistles, and pipes. Apparently that never made it over to the US. Do the wind guys have a better union in Ireland, did they get toss over in the Atlantic? Why did that not make it to the Old time music? That being said here is a bluegrass flute solo at 2:11:



Good video! I like all the different instruments myself.


My theory is that flutes (and drums) are too loud to fit in properly with a string band. (Of course, some would say the same about banjos…)


First, if there is a floot and drums, it isnt a string band. Second, if anyone breaks out a floot at a pickin, I will move on. As for the banjo, dont mess with that guy anyway, if he has a banjo, you already know he aint all there.