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Which Recording King Banjo?

Hi All

I’m looking to purchase an RK banjo and don’t have the option to play one and I’m looking at the RK-36 or Elite 75 as they are the only 2 that seem to be available in the UK

Which one should I go for? And why?


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You won’t go far wrong with either imo. Depends on your budget I guess. I would welcome either of those banjos with open arms if Mr postman delivered one to my door. :wink: RK banjos just get better and better, lovely tone and quality. At the end of the day like any instrument, having a good set up that’s good for you, is vital. :+1:

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Go with the 75 if you can afford it! They have a lot of the same guts, but the 75 is prettier finishes and upgrades. They’re both incredible.


Well there ya go. If @BanjoBen says go with the 75 then that’s the advice I would follow. :+1:

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Thanks all I appreciate the advice

Hi Lee who in the UK is selling Recording King Banjos ?

Looks like there are quite a few.

Thanks @Mark_Rocka all these dealerships came up empty which is why I was asking Lee where in the UK RK’s were being sold.

@LG1 I would say also the RK75. I have an Ltd edition RK77 and it definitely puts out some sound.

The RK 75 is actually an Irish music shop and the RK36 you can get from millers music

Hi Lee do you have website addresses for these


Here you go pal please don’t take them all… :grinning:

Just lookin for now.

If I was to look at Deering Banjos what would be as good as the RK-75?


@LG1, I’ve been wondering the same thing. Had my eye on the RK-75 or Deering Sierra. Never had a chance to touch either one.

As good? Man, that’s a relative question :slight_smile: The thing about RK’s is that they’re going after the traditional Gibson design and tone, and Deering is its own thing. HOWEVER, Deering just released a Rustic Wreath which is outstanding and very Gibson-esque. I played this particular one at the store and was very impressed:

It’s more expensive. Active members of my forum would do good to call and talk to Jake about it if interested.


Thanks Ben appreciate the advice

Or… if you had plenty of cash to splash then a huber would be my choice. I love everything about them. Which is why I enjoy listening and watching Ben play his truetone. :wink: :+1:

Hi Guys

I’ve now got the chance to Get either the Gibson RB-250 (2000) or an RK Elite 75 (new)

Which one as I can’t try them :+1:

I hate to say it, but from what I’ve seen and heard, the RK is probably the way I’d go. You can’t find much more bang for your banjo buck these days.