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Where to Take a Test Run?

Hi Folks! New Gold Member here from Joplin, Missouri (extreme SW corner of the state.) I’ve been playing close to a year now as my wife got me a banjo for Christmas last year. (I’ve only been a Banjo Ben member for a month or so.) My banjo is a $300 Savannah with a resonator she picked up at a local music store. I want to move up to a higher quality instrument and I have my eye on the Recording King Elite 35. My problem is, before I invest that much money, I want to get one in my hands and play the thing. We live in a very rural area and while there are a few music shops around, none of them carry any of the higher quality banjos. Does anyone have a suggestion of where I could go in SW Missouri, NW Arkansas, NE Oklahoma or SE Kansas to be able to play some of the Recording King banjos to take them for a test drive? Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you! -Dave

Banjo Ben’s store is not too far from you. I would swing by there and let Jake show you all the options.

Banjo Ben General Store
25086 FR 1000,
Washburn, MO 65772


Phone: 1-833-226-5623


Awesome! I had no idea the store was that close to me! I’ll get ahold of Jake. Thanks so much!

How close is it for you, David?

You know… you are very fortunate indeed! Many of us… we have even purchased from the store and put our trust in it… sight unseen… and STILL are happy to support from our outstanding experiences.

So… many @BanjoBen students would like to have @Jake and the store by us… but I am happy for you and hope you use it. I believe you will be so happy you did.

If you do… keep us updated on what you decide.


I’m only about 70 miles from the store, just about an hour’s drive. Like I said, I had no idea the store was that close to me. I do feel very fortunate! I’ll keep you posted on what I decide on.

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I agree wholeheartedly!


Hi David, Wow an open invitation from @BanjoBen & @Jake to visit the General Store and get face to face Personalised Customer Service. An opportunity like that doesn’t occur every day. Grab it whilst you can.

@dmsmith227…I have the RK-77 Ltd Edition banjo and mine is EXTREMELY loud and powerful. If that RK35 is anywhere near mine, you will be super happy. Good luck with the choice, @BanjoBen has a bunch of choices. IMHO i would play as many as you can to see which one suits you like best.

Heck, I bought a little used RK R20 a while back and was impressed with the tone and playability in a “beginner” banjo. I really don’t think you can go wrong with a Recording King.

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@Mark_Rocka oh no doubt. When i wanted to “upgrade”. I couldn’t really afford for a really good new one, so I saw that RK77 on BHO. It was a gold limited edition(i have #14 of 22), I couldn’t pass it up.

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Wow! Have you posted pics? I don’t think I’ve seen a gold RK. I bet she’s purdy!

Here’s the post @Mark_Rocka, but it looks like the picture was lost when the forum did its thing.

@Mark_Rocka (But don’t fall in love) She’s a beauty
(She’s one in a million girls) She’s a beauty
(Why would I lie?) Why would I lie?

@5stringpreacher thanks for looking. yes i think the pics all went away.

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Looks like that’s a thumbnail rather than a full sized picture. I’ll just have to use my imagination. :).

There it is! Man alive! That IS purdy! She’s a keeper for sure. Thanks for (re)posting.

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@Mark_Rocka I do photography and have a Photo editing program. I couldnt figure out why it was sooo small. then it dawned on me, when i export it to my desktop i had changed my pixels to 100 for some other photos ive been posting. So once i increased it, TAADAAA…, bigger photo(still learning…:weary:)

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I meant to say I was looking at the Elite 75, not 35, although the RK-35 looks like a great banjo too! Thank you for the invitation! I would love to come tomorrow, Ben, but i work until 6pm! But I will be there in the very near future!

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The 75 is an excellent banjo…we’d love to have you! Feel free to give us a call at 833-BANJOBEN

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@dmsmith227, either way, you’ll be happy…:wink: