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Where To Store My Guitar Strap?

Since I had a new guitar, I figured I needed a new strap, so I ordered one and it arrived today. It’s a nice padded leather strap, but there is no way it’s fitting in the case, which kind of bums me out. I like having all my accessories in the case, so I don’t forget anything when I’m going out. Unless I come up with a clever solution, I know I’m going to wind up without my strap at some point. Anyone figured out a solution for this little problem?

Will it double as a belt? Make sure you learn how to play Ballad of Jed Clampet though. :laughing:

If I’m using it as a belt, my trousers are gonna fall down when I start playing, but I like the outside-the-box thinking. :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestion, Ben. I gave it a try, but my case is pretty tight and the strap has a metal rivet that lays right across the top of the soundboard. I think I’m going to have to attach the strap to the outside of the case. Maybe I’ll just put an end pin and heel button on the case, and wear the guitar while it’s in the case. :laughing:

Actually, I’m kind of surprised no one has marketed a storage compartment that can piggy back on a case.

Hey, good idea! Necessity, the mother of invention.

I have a big leather strap too and mine rolls up and snugs in right up by the head stock see the photo

if that didn’t work I’d just get a nylon one for now and save up for a new case there not that much most all the big web sites have them for like 60 and up … ought-case


I used to leave things behind or on the wrong guitars. I would usually discover I left my capo behind when I was getting ready to play something in A flat (or a cord when I was supposed to plug in, or whatever). I ended up putting my assorted stuff into a little bag that goes with me when I go out to play. It’s not foolproof, but I have forgotten less since doing that. Sooner or later, I suspect I’ll forget to bring a guitar.
I know you were joking, but I like the idea of attaching the strap to the case… if it’s a case you don’t mind modding, that’s an interesting thought. It could serve double duty as strap storage and a shoulder strap.

I tried rolling it up at the headstock like you have it, Paul, but that’s not working either. It’s really not a big strap, but the padded portion is kind of thick and resistent to rolling. I think ultimately, once the strap gets broken in and softens up, it will roll up more easily.

Until then, I guess I am going to try to attach it to the outside of the case, but I doubt I’ll go so far as to install an end pin and heel button. Maybe I can come up with a small pair of saddle bags that I can slip over the case handle.

If you really want to raise some eyebrows when you show up at a jam, we could make you a custom case for the strap. We could put nice, cushy open cell padding covered with crushed velvet. Maybe a vintage tweed for the outside of the case?

I like it! Of course, then I’ll need a small jewelry box for my pick.

OMG, what a Benny Hill moment!

Since all of us are somewhat anal about tuning up when we start they why not just loosen the crap out of your strings and stick it in the sound hole? I mean we are gonna be tuning up anyway as soon as it comes out of the case!

And Oh, by the way, Real Men Don’t Use Straps! We use our bellies to set our guitars on when standing, you have to drop it right in that slot, you know, right below the man boobs and snug to the top of our gut…straps are for sissies and skinny metro males!

Oldhat…just funnin’

— Begin quote from "Stich"

what a Benny Hill moment!

— End quote

Is it just me or is there a startling similarity between the Benny Hill theme and Foggy Mountain Breakdown?

I’m just trying my best to push this topic away from a potential solution for Larry’s strap.

It’s a little-known fact that McPherson guitars have that off-center soundhole so you can easily store stuff *inside *the guitar. If you had a McPherson, you could just roll up the strap and put it *in *your guitar.

That’s brilliant, Julian!

And all this time, I thought the position of the sound hole was to make it easy to retrieve a pick.

I went to the Florida Folk Festival a couple of weeks ago and didn’t get to jam as much as I wanted because i didn’t want to carry my guitar case around all day, so last week I ordered a Martin gig bag. In addition to making it easier to lug my guitar around, it has a huge zipper pocket that holds all my stuff, including my strap. So, as long as I don’t need the hard shell case, my strap storage problem is solved.

Good deal.

With that said, I am still interested in making a little strap case. I was kind of thinking carbon fiber composite would look good.

For extra effect, you could handcuff the case to your wrist. Blues Brothers style.