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Where the soul of man never dies

This is where I am on this break . [attachment=0]soul man.mp3[/attachment]

Now to learn the song and back up.

That’s a tough break to play. When I first heard Ricky and Tony do it, I thought, “I could get Tony’s part down pretty easy.” Wrong. I’ve been playing it on and off for several years and I am no where near Tony speed. He was just so smooth and effortless on it. It’s a great song! I really like Ben’s version. I have used that C slide lick he does quite a bit.

I play it slow but it is a fun tune to play at about any speed . I am not even trying to do it as fast as the pro’s do it . The new banjo post is a good one it is showing how to do intro’s but there is more if you want to catch it . The fill in is short but sweet .

Don’t know how I missed this post! Nice playing on this welder!

This is the tune I came across of Ben playing on youtube that sold me on Bluegrass. I wasn’t a member yet and it took me forever to learn. I have tried a few times to play the break along with Tony’s break on youtube and it is tough. Ben’s version is awesome but I always thought it needed that little Tony Rice “C” lick on the end there.

It would take me three days to try to tab out some “C” licks, so I thought I would do a quick video of a few “C” licks that I think Tony uses. I can tab 'em if anyone is interested. The licks are after the break.


Nice job . very well done now if I can catch the essence of that I will be happy, will try and relearn it but may have to listen to your playing more .By the way you are a very relaxed player which always adds to the sound, In other words you sound like you know what you are doing.

Well thank you welder. I can assure you that I have no idea what I’m doing though. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t relearn anything based on the way I play. I find that I play stuff wrong all the time. I always cringe when I come back and listen to some of my recordings.

[size=150]Just use the recording to improve your playing. The first time I was recorded unknown to me I was stricken with no more singing until 25 years later . LOL[/size]