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Where did everyone go?

Bulldog Mike JW and all the rest I do not see them on here so where did they go. every post we made is gone ???

Unfortunately Ben couldn’t import the old forum directly into the new forum categories, but you should be able to find all of the old conversations here.

Or if you come back and don’t want to use this link, you’ll find a link called “Previous Site Forum” at the very bottom of the Categories list.

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I am Mike, and I am still around. My username got changed somehow along the way, and I’ll get around to fixing it at some point. My timing has not been the best for Ben’s new site coming online. We had vacation, work stuff, and I have been playing nurse to the wife for a pinched nerve.

Good to hear from you Ken!

You was one I was concerned about also JW and Bulldog seem to be gone I sure hope not as I enjoyed posting with them and you also .

I’ve seen JW on the new site. Saw Bulldog not too long ago, but can’t remember if it was before the switch. I suspect he’ll be around soon.

Sorry Ken,

I’ve been ridiculously busy. I appreciate your concern and am still praying for you.

It’s good to see you back on the forum Mike and it’s good to be back on the forum!

I haven’t seen Bulldog yet or Fiddlewood or Oldhat. (may have missed them). I think I’ve seen Larry and DR once or twice. Some of the other regulars seem to be missing as well. I’m sure everyone’s busy.

Thanks again for checking on us.

That’s ok I am glad you are ok I have not been coming here as much because of heart problems the meds they gave at the ER about killed me , I am doing better but it takes months for it to wear off , so I will face feeling like passing out and what ever else it brings in the next month or so . still trying to get back into playing every day, I played some today that says forked deer but they are three different tunes one is "Nothing to it " love that one.

Slow is still a good gear. I don’t use it often enough.

I’m finally here again…had some net and life issues to handle…


Welcome back!


Hey everybody. Finally found my way to the new forum. It’s taking a while to find my way around here, lots of changes and unfamiliar names. Good to see Mike, J.W., and fiddle_wood. And of course the patriarch of the old site Ken the Welder himself! Will try to get caught up on some threads with you guys first chance I get.


Good to have you, brother. I’m liking this new forum a lot, especially because I can actually SEE WHEN PEOPLE POST AND REPLY, which is quite helpful, you know?


Appreciate it Ben. Congratulations on a job well done with the new site. Just takes some of us older pickers a little longer to get use to I reckon. Sure hope to see you posting on the forum often. I bet it does help actually being able to see when we post and reply!


Welcome back!!!

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Good to read you again Jeff!

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This line of posts sounds like the old forum merging with the new forum… is very cool.

I hope this trend continues!