What's your favorite banjo scene from the movies or cartoons?


Just found this on YouTube and thought it was funny! What’s your favorite banjo scene from the movies or cartoons?

Other than “Deliverance”! LOL…

Jerry Garcia on Banjo!

I like all 5 of these


I avoided the Dueling Banjos scene in Deliverence because I thought it was too obvious an answer, but how does it not make it into the top 5?!


It said it was the Obvious. So they made 5 not including Deliverance. So I guess their picks are actually 2 thru 6 lol


For me it has to be Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt in this comedy scene from the Beverly Hillbillies


I done forgot all their Beverly Hillbillies appearances they were all really good




One if my Favorite Dueling Banjos


Another Great duel. I think Steve Martin is a outstanding Banjo Man


Love Steve Martin




What’s nice with these videos we can slow them down to hear the licks.


The Best Of Bluegrass


These classics from Andy Griffith!


Do you think ol’ Earl ever thought “If I have to play FMBD one more time I’m going to smash this banjo.”?


LMAO! :joy::joy::joy: Yep, I have wondered that! I imagine after a while, though, he just rolled with it. GET IT? :rofl::rofl:


Don’t know, but Rod Stewart’s has stated that his favorite song was Maggie May, and by far his favorite to perform at every single concert he ever did.


How the Tom and Jerry cartoon “Froggy Went Courtin, He did Ride” “Crambone”! He kept pulling out one of Toms’ whiskers everytime he broke a banjo string.


Uncle Pecos played guitar in “Crambone”