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What's up with my name?

So here’s a fun story. To start out, my full name is Gunnar Nathanael Dragonslayer Salyer. So my forum name is actually my real middle name (lots of people go by their middle name, it’s not that weird)
So, my parents decided they wanted to give all of their kids prophetic names, so they’d be speaking the meanings of our names over our lives every time they said them. So anyway, my older brother is Kanon Adonijah, and I can’t remember the exact translation of the meaning right now :man_facepalming: but Kanon was the standard by which they measured which writings were considered scripture, and Adonijah means the LORD is God. So then my name was going to be Caleb Dragonslayer, but right before I was born like four people my mom knew had kids named Caleb, and she didn’t want me to have a generic name, cuz she was always one of at least four Jennifers in every class at school. So she then was going to name me the next name in line, Gunnar Nathanael, but my dad just wanted to drop Caleb and name me Dragonslayer. The latter was very popular with the guys at church, while all the ladies were appalled. So, they arrived at a compromise, and named me both. So Gunnar means battle warrior or warrior king, Nathanael means gift of God, and of him Jesus said “in him there is no guile”, and Dragonslayer obviously is someone who slays dragons, in this case dragon being allegorical of the devil. So the meaning is a battle warrior who’s a gift from God to slay dragons.
My younger siblings also have cool names, Magnum Blade, Remington Garrett, Colt Valiant, Warrior Cache, Bianca Derringer, and Thunder Bolt. But I won’t detail their meanings cuz it’ll take too long. My name also is very effective at gaining me instant popularity whenever it’s discovered, and it always precedes me. It also makes the forms my parents fill out much more difficult, when they have to sign my name multiple times :joy::joy::joy:


Awesome response, my young man!

Yup… Going by middle names isn’t so unusual. My dad did. My wife does.

But your names are quite interesting, unique and strong - for sure!

Thanks for “filling the gaps”. Seems you are proud of it… and you should be. :wink:

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Now Gunnar @Dragonslayer,

What’s tomorrow’s “Dragonslayer’s Blog” topic going to be?

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Thanks, I definitely am very proud of it.

I’m sleeping in, and not doing anything till about eleven o clock. I love homeschooling…


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


I had no idea that was your REAL name. That just might be the coolest name ever. :laughing:


Yeah, few people believe me when I first tell them :joy::joy: I think it’s definitely one of the coolest, up there with “Alexander the Great”, “Vlad the impaler,” and “Avar Nuñes Cabeça de Vaca” :joy::joy:



And all this time, I thought you came up with the name from an X-Box or Playstation or even Nintendo game (do they still have Nintendo?) I thought you were proud of how good at a certain game you were! I was obviously wrong and mis-judged! I should have known you could never play music as good as you do if you had a remote stuck in your hands all day!

As Lefty said… Thanks for sharing!

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You can all thank me… for asking him in the first place or none of us would know…

Well, almost none or us… :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thanks Will!

I sure didn’t know.

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And I was just kidding, my friend @jw11

:joy::joy::joy: I’ve never owned a video game console, or had a monitor to play it with. I also was not allowed to play any video games except Wii until a couple years ago. The Nintendo company is still around, they cam out with a system called switch, which is very popular now, and they made super smash bros for it, which I last played on a Nintendo 64 (which was not mine) I haven’t played a switch though.
I do get told a lot “you could be an online gamer with your real name!!!” And I’m like, yeah… no.

Thanks! I definitely don’t have time for that even if I had it; I’m juggling five (actually more) instruments, family life, and I’m really cracking down on my fitness, specifically flexibility, I’m working on my backbend and can do the splits. Full splits.

And you can thank @MissMaggie for telling you to ask :joy::joy: she knew cuz she got our newsletter, which comes with a separate bit about all our names.

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You speak the truth about @MissMaggie asking… 'cept it was she that thanked me… So…

No thanks are necessary, but…

I will THANK YOU ALL for being there… each and every day. Y’all never ceases to amaze me and YOU… Mr. Gunnar Dragonslayer… are bright and very talented.

Thank you all… :+1: