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What's the Best Kind of BBQ?

Hey, why not? What’s the best kind of BBQ (region & meat)?

For me, Texas-style brisket is my fave, with eastern NC-style whole hog as a pretty close second.


I haven’t been around enough to have much of an opinion but something southern. :wink:


I love southern barbecue, and I’m talking way southern, I’m talking about south African Braai. It’s definitely not for everyone, but once you’ve acquired the taste for it you love it. The sausage especially is very strange for Americans, it’s called Boerewors, and it’s great if you don’t expect it to taste like sausage lol


My roots are out of Eastern North Carolina, so it goes without saying, Vinegar based BBQ pork beats them all. Especially from a place in Wilson N.C. Called Parker’s…hmmmmmm goooood!


There are few bbq styles I don’t like. My favorite is the North Carolina style tangy and sweet. The wife’s favorite is Texas style brisket and that sure is good. Even vegetarians admit it tastes better than broccoli. There are generally two things we are concerned about when planning a vacation - the quality of the fishing and whether there is a good bbq at the destination.

I’ve posted this before, but here it is again for your convenience.


Being from KY, that set my base preferences. Pork shoulder is the staple. I also grew up with mutton BBQ as a more “special occasion” type of treat (Moonlight BBQ in Owensboro). Also ingrained in my tastes is a love for burgoo (similar to Brunswick stew) and I now make that often in winter. While I was raised in KY, I now live in TX, and I have an appreciation for good brisket. I have been enjoying making that quite a bit the last couple of years. Other BBQ things I enjoy are smoked beef tenderloin, rib roasts, pork belly, pork loin and tenderloin and sausages. Basically, I like about anything smoked/roasted/grilled (although I didn’t really “get” the love for smoked bologna).

I grew up in a little town where there was a country ham shop. That was my “normal” lunch meat… country ham sliced thin for sandwiches. I moved away, and found that a country ham shop is not normal. I now miss my country ham quite a bit. I occasionally get some, but it is not the same as getting my weekly local supply.

the most surprisingly good thing off a grill that I bet you haven’t tried: get a package or two of plain old Eckrich jalapeno cheddar sausage. Roast it with smoke indirect until well done (cases starting to split is ok). Grill some tomatoes (core, cut in half, top cut end with olive oil, salt and pepper, then cook over fire until soft). Cut the sausages in half, then split length-ways (giving you 4 hot dog sized pieces per sausage). Put the “dog” on a bun with dusseldorf mustard and top with chopped grilled tomatoes. That is one of my favorite things.


One thing I love about the southeast is the regional style of sauces. Of course they revolve around pork, so there is the common element of vinegar. Some places move it toward mustard based, some molasses based and some just add a little ketchup. It is fun when travelling to see what the locals do.

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Wonderful song. Heartfelt lyrics! From the title I thought it might be a cover of:

Favorites in middle Tennessee? Curious.

I enjoy Edley’s but not sure how that stacks up again texas-style.

Hands down Texas brisket, slow smoked for 24+ hours with a good hand rub spice and decent bark. Don’t you dare trim the fat!

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I’ve had Parker’s and it can’t be beat!

If they’re to far north to make “real” sweet tea you prolly don’t want there BBQ either. :joy:
Sugar in the tea, vinegar in the BBQ. :grin:

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Brisket with a good smoke ring is possibly the best tasting food to me. My only issue with Texas BBQ is there beans aren’t as tasty. My second favorite BBQ is my second helping of brisket!

Yep… You nailed it on the brisket.

I’ve never been to Texas but I had some mighty good brisket in Phoenix at Little Miss BBQ. It was suppose to be Texas style. They cooked the little pecan pies in the smoker. Mighty Fine indeed!

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What was the name of that fusion place we had in Austin? That stuff was GOOOD! Definitely going back there.

Oh, I just remembered. Valentina’s. Definitely need to go there again.

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Ever heard of Shane’s Rib Shack? The original one is in my home town and they have amazing BBQ pulled pork


CJ BBQ here on the edge of the Allegany National Forest… best ribs I’ve ever had and the pulled pork, brisket and load mac n cheese with jalapeños tops it off.

X2 on Parkers in Wilson. Another great “hole in the wall” hidden gem is B’s BBQ near Greenville, NC. I do love some brisket as a close second!

Don’t laugh, but getcha some good quality hot dogs like Kahn’s or Ball Park Franks, put them on the grill and brush on your favorite barbecue sauce several times while they’re grilling. Get them a little black on the outsides and eat em right off the grill. You can do bologna the same way (sliced about 1/4" thick)… Simply delicious!!!.. Not to mention fast, cheap and easy. You won’t even need buns or condements!