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What Pic would Jesus use?

Many of us would agree that the holy grail of plectrum is a tortuous shell pick. but it has gone the way of ivory tusks. while some are still in use its crazy hard to find, expensive($100), and illegal to buy or sell. Ive heard great things about blue chip picks and a few others but which one would yall consider the best?

After hours searching for the pick of destiny in stores, I guess I’m going to have to take the plunge and order one or two from Blue Chip. What BC picks do you guys use? I’m looking for geetar and mandlin. Probably a CT55 and something else.

I’m lucky that a local store carries 'em so I can try before I buy (BC that is). I went with The TD 50 because it looked like the normal size/shape of picks I’m use to. It has a pretty sharp point though, which is good for single notes but a little difficult for fast strumming. It takes a light grip on the pick but BC’s have excellent grip. Thinking about going back to try out a STP 40 or 50.

Personally. I don’t think Jesus would buy a pick. He’d probably send Peter fishing, and tell Peter to bring him the pick that was in the fish’s mouth, like he did in Matthew 17:27. :smiley:

I have the TP-40. I like it, but I’ll get the STP-50 next time. A little smaller and thicker. Supposedly, part of the tortoise shell tone comes from having a thick and rounded pick. I don’t like my picks very rounded so I got the TP. The TP and STP( I think the “S” stands for “small”) are a little pointy,but not as pointy as your standard pick. ( as far as I know)

Forgot to mention that I’m a guitar player. I’m not sure what qualities mando players are looking for in a pick.

Well… I just spent $75 on 2 picks. I got the CT55 and the TD40, both left handed bezel. I must be nuts.

Looking forward to hear what you think of the different shapes. I recommend getting a pick pouch of some kind, so it’s harder to loose them. Congratulations on taking the leap. I hope you like them.