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What it takes to play the guitar

This could stand good for any instrument , I hope this may be an inspiration to all who read it .
number one it takes a little bit of music inside wanting out . what it really takes is tenacity stickto it ness LOL made that up but it does even if you go over one measure a 1,000 times when you are done you own that measure . I think a few times I have hit that thousand mark . even if it is just 20 minutes a day you will be surprised what you can learn in one week . If you get frustrated back off for a day or two relax and then come back to it. This is aimed at newbies just starting out I know most on here can already play well due to Ben’s great teaching method and if you also get something from my ranting that would be great , and remember you have to want it bad . good day friends on the forum .


Good advice!

Right on !

I am a stickler for not following G.O.D which means Good Orderly Direction never could follow direction too HIgh strung

It helps to remember that you are better than you think you are… even if you’ll never be as good as you want to be. Not getting frustrated by the latter is half the battle.

Beyond philosophical advice, the most important thing is starting off with a good guitar. Crappy guitars with unplayable action are the greatest single threat to new players.


Amen, Brother! (about the crappy, cheap, awful guitar part)