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What is this a lead into?

[attachment=0]what is it.mp3[/attachment] Just wondered if any one was old enough to remember this one .

Hey Welder First guess or thought is Big Daddy’s Alabamy Bound……. maybe not though… sounds like it … but not sure

I am hardly ever indecisive. lol

“Alabam” by Cowboy Copus . I probably do not do it justice .

One had a bushel one had a peck one had a roast near tied around his neck , I'm on my way to Alabam    I guess I am getting bored to even post  it LOL

Some of the old ones are the best and what’s really neat is they remain the best. So nothing wrong with 'em. Years ago my Dad had a lead guitar player named John Henry Alger. He was West Virginia state fiddle champ over 40 years ago and could knock your eyes out with either the fiddle or guitar. He used to say “we all have eight notes in a scale and it’s how we get from one to the other that makes the difference” Anyway, I remember him playing a version of big daddy’s alabamy bound and it was a great song with everyone takin a lead on a simple turn around. All that to say this…… you got me playing it again and I’m liking the old memories that can come along with a song you haven’t heard or played for a while.

Take care Welder! I enjoy your posts!!

[attachment=0]better noi precise tho.mp3[/attachment]Whew and boy howdy you just made my whole week . !!! Wow I just got the Billy in the low ground down pretty good and ma also doing the back up to it with recording it I find I hesitate on getting back the C note and it throws me off one beat but that is where we learn . It is slow but hey I am slow 130 beats . I capo up second fret

Here is a great version of “Alabam”


That is a great rendition of the song . wow. they do a real good job .