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What is the very best saddle material for guitar

I have heard bone is about the best but I have also seen other materials used . can anyone expand on this ? any input will be appreciated . I know some woods are so hard they would be good for the bridge . I might this Winter make a saddle out of lignum vitae which is super hard . I meant saddle and corrected it ,.

Howdy Welder, I take it you might mean a saddle (the thing the strings set on) as opposed to bridge (the thing the saddle sits on). My personal favorite is typically bone. I just simply prefer the tone. With that said, I can’t say it is best. It is just a matter of personal preference. I have one that is micarta and I like it. I had one that came with fossil walrus ivory and I swapped it out for bone.
I have heard of guitars with Ebony saddles, and wood is used on saddles of other instruments (mandolins, violin family). I’d encourage you to try different materials. You might find something you really like.

I was thinking bone would be a better pick . thank you for the feed back. I might make one out of lignum vitae it is really hard. I meant the part the strings rest on thought that was the bridge ?

It must be very hard. I have seen old bowling balls made of lignum vitae.

I have a 2x2 x14 stick of the stuff was going to make picks out of it but got side tracked . side track should be my nickname,.

Looked it up . the lignum vitae is 4380 and the macassar ebony is 3220 yes you could make bowling balls out of that . I may try my hand at making a saddle out of that stuff just to see how it wears . Oh and the sound is important also LOL I thought the bridge was what the strings rested on that is what I want to make