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What is downloadable from this site?

Are the tabs the only thing paying members can download to their computer? I thought they may also be able to download backing tracks for each song. So if the internet crashes for extended periods of time the only thing you could use would be the tabs. It sure would be nice to have downloadable mp3 files for each song. I think this would be a great help. Thanks for any advice.

Some of the newer lessons contain a downloadable mp3. I think it was a little over a year ago when he started including those.

You can always sign up for the ‘Silver’ level of membership. You get 3 days worth of access to the entire site and it’s free. That will tell you exactly what’s available.

I did that before I went all in with the lifetime membership. My main concern early on was that on some of Ben’s earliest videos he was chewing tobacco and spitting it in a can. Luckily he had given up that habit before I ever came along.