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What is a Purple Hull

Being relatively new here at BanjoBen, I’ve been exposed to lot’s of great content, wonderful people and I’ve learned a little about our host and his two sisters Katy Lou and Penny Lea and their band The Purple Hulls.

You members that have been around for some time are probably aware of all of this, but I’m sure there are newer members like me that have been curious about this Clark clan and their background.

I stumbled on to this little gem on YouTube last night and it answered some of my outstanding questions including - what the heck is a Purple Hull??? Enjoy.


I just recently learned Ben has another sister that he keeps under wraps. Or maybe she hides away when cuzin Banjo Billy shows up.

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Yeah, I think I remember a picture in this video that shows three girls. Hey @BanjoBen, esplain please.

Dinah Dawn is two years younger than me and an outstanding woman: homemaker, mother of 6, homeschooler, farmer, and wife. Actually, she makes some incredible handmade soaps that I’ll have available in the General Store after Thanksgiving.